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Immigrants News

Nigeria-Born Tope Awotona Poured His Life Savings Into Calendly. Now He’s One Of America’s Wealthiest Immigrants

Tope Awotona, the 40-year-old founder and chief executive of Calendly, leans back in his chair and lets loose a loud guffaw.

“You call it on message, I call it the truth,” he says, slapping his hands on the table. The truth, as Awotona has it, is that everyone needs Calendly, his scheduling software, to lead better, more productive, happier work lives........


This 26-year-old turned her side hustle into a $170,000-per-year business: ‘4 things I wish I knew sooner’

In 2020, at age 24, I quit my job as an engineer to focus on my travel blogging side hustle. That turned out to be the best career decision I’ve ever made.

My blog, Packs Light, brought in over $170,000 in gross income last year, thanks to sponsored social media posts, blog articles and B2B marketing consultations........

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Side Hustle News

This 26-year-old med student bought a house by selling used clothes: Without the side hustle, ‘I wouldn’t even have a savings account’

Olivia Hillier’s side hustle started with a $5 T-shirt she found at a thrift store.

Hillier, a medical student at Rochester, Michigan-based Oakland University, had some experience selling a few of her own old clothing items on resale app Poshmark. She never thought much of it........

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Family Business News

After meeting 17 years ago, sisters now helm the country’s largest Black-owned wine brand

Andréa McBride was a 16 year old living in foster care in New Zealand when she got a phone call from her biological dad in Alabama. He told her he was dying of cancer and wanted to do one last thing before passing: connect her to another daughter he had — her sister, Robin.

In the 17 years since that fateful call, Andréa and Robin have not only met, but in 2005, they founded what is now the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States — and they did it without any seed money from investors........



Magnet Forensics, which develops digital investigation solutions, saw year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth of 35 percent in the first quarter of 2022.

The Kitchener-Waterloo-based company grew its revenue to $19.8 million USD in Q1, a jump compared to the $14.7 million Magnet pulled in during the same period in 2021. However, Magnet also posted a loss of $900,000 in Q1—its second consecutive quarterly drop in net income—after generating net income of $2.8 million in the first quarter of last..


Side Hustle News

This 30-year-old quit his job to work on his side hustle. Now he’s on track to make $200,000 in sales this year

Sometimes it takes a major life event to push you in the right direction.

Last April, I spent my 29th birthday battling Covid-19 in my bedroom. I had to take time off from my full-time job as a speech pathologist at a hospital in Providence, Rhode Island to quarantine. The experience forced me to think about my future and what really made me happy in life.......

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Career News

Is it cake? This 19-year-old Netflix show contestant is making 6 figures in his bakery business

Justin Ellen found himself at a difficult crossroad when he was 17 — should he pursue his passion for baking full-time, or go to college to further his education?

At that time, the youngest contestant of Netflix’s popular baking show was making custom cakes from home as a side-hustle, while also juggling with school.......

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