Prince Etornam  | Ghana

I started Beardbrand in 2012 with a friend. First we created content on our blog, YouTube channel and Tumblr page. After a few months my friend moved onto new projects and I just kinda kept it going on auto-pilot. After about 10 months, I was...

I believe in the power of storytelling. A good story can change behaviour, ignite change, instill hope and even change the course of the future. I am therefore passionate about helping storytellers bring their stories to life. Africa has some of...

April 29, 2020

I am a French entrepreneur, self-made man and built my first company when I was 18 years old. I am 45 now! I have been living in Miami for the past 9 years with my wife and 2 children, and this move change drastically my entrepreneur life. I owned a ma...

My family has always been big into health and fitness for which I am forever thankful. Parents play such an important role in the health and wellness of their kids by setting a good example. After finishing my masters in kinesiology,...

Being raised by a single mother, I witnessed her strive for the best for me and my siblings. Her dream was for me to become a banker but instead, I chose to become a fashion designer. Initially, she was a bit heartbroken becaus...

If you have ever dreamed of changing careers, you are certainly not alone. (I myself have made that switch). Xandria Dede Kamel is my real name, but I am also known as Xandykamel in showbiz. I was born in the northern part of...

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