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Meet Edward Anassah : The man behind "Humble Beginning Stories"

Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, I always had the inner drive and appreciation for different cultures and their social impact on society and economy. I have always thought about how I can make a difference in Ghana and the surrounding region. Early on in Junior School, I had the opportunity to organize a sports related program for a group of expatriates who were on a business trip throughout Ghana. This experience opened my horizon to what traveling and interchanging different world views can do in shaping a person’s personality and intellect. I realized that, in order to excel, I needed to experience different societies of the world. I made the decision that day that I will travel and learn as much as I can so that I will be resourceful enough to make a difference any where I go. The possible indication prospect of technology and community development radically changing the movement of life and affecting new generation positively made it very clear to me in my decision making. There are names I would not mention that made huge positive impact during my journey abroad. I am forever grateful. I believe deep in my heart that as humans we need or have angels aligned in our paths. Either you burn these bridges or create more bridges in a positive way. 


I am honoured to be part of the multicultural trendsetters in my community and abroad. Throughout my travel, I concluded that it is entrepreneurship that has allowed the West to establish a superior economic system. I understood quite quickly that the West is built on the dream of substantial wealth, governing laws, technology, and entrepreneurship. In order to for me to make a real difference - specifically back in my community. An opportunity understanding the global differences in major economies and their impacts on our culture, sports, businesses and humanities is what  I needed. But also stability is necessary to be a leader in the new digital, global marketplace and in this SPACE.


I spent most of my early years learning from local business owners, parents, strangers, Godparents, mentors, schools, sports organizations, and business executives. This has dramatically impacted my life, my career path, and my journey in a positive way – progressively. I yearn to add and extend myself beyond the glamour of sitting behind a desk or in my comfort zone, instead of finding a niche where ideas, hard work, brainstorming, teamwork, collaboration and implementation intersect anywhere I go. Thank you to the difference makers in my life – my 15 years plus journey overseas (from Ghana to Atlanta, Miami, Huntsville, Alabama, Texas, the United Kingdom, British Columbia, Stratford, Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, London, and Cambridge, Ontario).


My family played a massive role in my life growing up - especially my sister, dad and mom. Even though I lost both parents (March and December 2020) - James and Comfort; their sacrifices and constant support have made me the man I am today. Therefore, I dedicate this ecosystem or platform to them (appreciating all the WINS). Thank you for pushing me and teaching me to show or demonstrate GOODNESS or COMPASSION in everything I do. Living life and celebrating all my wins, and everyone close to me and most of all never allow anyone to take away my daily joy!!

"YOU can't wait until life isn't hard anymore to be happy"