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Meet Edward Anassah : The man behind "Humble Beginning Stories"

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Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, I always had a strong desire to explore different cultures and understand their impact on society and the economy. As a young student, I had the opportunity to organize a sports program for a group of expatriates, which sparked my interest in travel and learning about different worldviews.

I realized that experiencing diverse societies was crucial to my personal and intellectual growth, and I made it my goal to become a resourceful individual capable of making a positive impact wherever I went. I believe that technology and community development have the potential to transform our lives, and I am grateful for the positive influences that have guided me along the way.

As a member of the multicultural community, I have come to understand that entrepreneurship is essential for building a strong economic system. I have learned that the West has built its success on the pillars of wealth creation, technology, and entrepreneurship, and I am committed to bringing these values back to my community.

Throughout my formative years, I learned from a diverse range of individuals, including local business owners, mentors, educators, and sports organizations. Their guidance has had a profound impact on my life, and I am eager to find opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and work hard to achieve success.

I have a strong desire to push beyond the confines of a desk or my comfort zone, seeking out opportunities to engage in ideation, hard work, brainstorming, teamwork, collaboration, and implementation. I am grateful for the mentors and guides who have influenced my journey thus far, which has taken me across multiple continents and cities including Ghana, Atlanta, Miami, Huntsville, Alabama, Texas, the United Kingdom, British Columbia, Stratford, Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, London, and Cambridge, Ontario.

Despite losing both my parents in 2020 and my brave and lovely sister Sept, 2023 (RIP sis - I love you and miss you alot), I am grateful for their sacrifices and support, which have made me the person I am today. I dedicate my work and this platform to them, celebrating all of the wins along the way. I believe that kindness and compassion are essential to living a fulfilling life, and I strive to bring joy to myself and those around me every day.

"YOU can't wait until life isn't hard anymore to be happy"



Stages & Key Moments Of My Journey

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