October 2, 2019


After college, I thought I had it all mapped out, but as I was driving from Ohio to Chicago to start my Master’s in Counseling program at Northwestern University, it hit me: this wasn’t my path. Although I didn’t know what my path was, I followed my...

September 29, 2019


I've always loved playing the piano since my very first lessons as a child. My first teacher was so inspirational to me and planted the idea in my head that I could do music as my career. I played all through school and then auditioned and got in...

September 27, 2019


I am a writer, consultant, and I teach about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. I founded two tech companies and I am also an advisor to several Bay Area start-ups and incubators. My last company received venture funding...

September 24, 2019


I’ve always been someone who wanted to follow their dreams and believe that hard work and being nice to people along the way is a great recipe for success. I grew up modelling and performing and when I was 20, I began working on a show as a so...

Entrepreneurship has always been at the core of my career choices growing up. As a student in High School (Edith Dalton James) and when it came time to choose our vocational area, I chose food and nutrition with thought that I c...

September 19, 2019


Personal development pushed me to start my new business venture. I wanted to be my best self and felt stifled by today’s traditional work force. I felt that I could help more young women and people in general by mentoring and inspiring hope....


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to draw. As a child, I loved drawing cartoons and character sketches inspired by my favourite comic books. I discovered fashion drawing when I stumbled upon David Downton’s illustra...


I’m Praises Akinnusi also known as Coffee_blvck on social media, I’m a self taught fashion illustrator and blogger from Nigeria and I currently live in a small town in Nigeria. Growing up I always had a flare for fashion whether it wa...

September 13, 2019


Rosie Mae: I started BurlesqueUni after teaching at various studios that were mainly for pole that had burlesque classes on the side. With only a couple burlesque classes offered, I wasn't able to dive as deep into the world of burlesque as...

September 7, 2019


I’ve always had an interest for art, but I’d say the spark had really started after my first event with Holt Renfrew. I was working for Holts at the time and the marketing team had seen some of my work and they asked if I’d be interested in do...

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