Prince Etornam  | Ghana

Some individuals flourish in all circumstances. To achieve the optimal state of thriving, you ought to have some characteristics: adaptability, optimism, flexibility and motivation. I was the founder of the...

For as long as I can remember, even at the tender age of 10 years, I always knew I wanted to make clothes for women. But I can say realizing that vision at such a young age had a lot to do with my mother and oldest brother. Growing up...

I’ve always sang at church and with my family. Being a PK, I was totally surrounded by music all that the time. However I only discovered I could sing better than I thought at the age of 15. I then started writing music to explore my abilities. A...

Always bring your compelling characters to life, because the breadcrumb keeps audience coming back for more.

My name is Mike Godson, I am an actor, activist and entrepreneur. I began my acting career as early as 2010. I am a household...

I am a husband to my wife of four years, a father to a newborn baby girl, the son of immigrants who came here in pursuit of the American Dream, a proud product of public schools and a law school graduate of the oldest law school in the nation. Af...

I would say, first and foremost, I am an educator. Writing and publishing came about when I started to share some of my pieces with a friend who would become my business partner in our publishing house, Peacock Press. I would say that my boo...

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