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Afeafa Nfojoh | Ghana | Self-Discovery & Artistic Exploration

General Manager Adesa Productions Limited at TV3 Ghana | Television Producer/ Director

Afeafa Nfojoh's journey in the realm of television directing is nothing short of remarkable, marked by a trail of accolades, international recognition, and a passion for storytelling that knows no bounds. Her love affair with the world of film began during her formative years, nurtured by a deep-seated curiosity and an innate creative flair. Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Directing from the National Film and Television Institute, Afeafa embarked on a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

From the onset, Afeafa's talent was evident, earning her recognition and acclaim on both local and international stages. Her early forays into the industry saw her honing her craft at Farmhouse Production, where she cut her teeth as a producer and director, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

However, it was her tenure at Charterhouse/GHOne Entertainment TV that truly catapulted Afeafa into the spotlight. Over the course of six years, she lent her creative vision and directorial prowess to a myriad of television productions, including the acclaimed "Guess Who is Coming for Dinner," "Miss Malaika Ghana," and "Stars of the Future," among others. Her keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of a story earned her widespread acclaim and cemented her status as one of the industry's brightest stars.

Beyond the confines of television, Afeafa's passion for storytelling transcended borders, earning her international accolades and acclaim. Her works have been showcased at prestigious film festivals around the world, including the Aniwa Film Festival, Rencontres Henri Langois Film Festival in France, and the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, to name a few. With each accolade, Afeafa's commitment to her craft and her dedication to pushing the boundaries of storytelling only grew stronger.

Today, as the General Manager of APL (Adesa Production Limited) at Media General Ghana, Afeafa continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Her role allows her to produce captivating content for Media General and other external clients, further solidifying her reputation as a visionary leader in the field of television production.

Yet, amidst her professional accomplishments, Afeafa remains grounded in her love for family and friends. Whether she's surprising loved ones with unexpected gestures of kindness or indulging in her passion for cinema, Afeafa's zest for life shines through in all that she does.

As she continues to chart new territories and push the boundaries of storytelling, Afeafa Nfojoh's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and storytellers everywhere, a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of one's dreams.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @peffienfojoh

LinkedIn: Afeafa Nfojoh


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