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Zubaida Abdel-Rahman | Ghana | Common Ground

Food or Culinary Blogger | Traveller | Influencer

Zubaida Abdel-Rahman, widely recognized as the Professional Foodie, is a prominent food blogger and the visionary behind, a thriving food-influencing brand that has captured the hearts of the burgeoning foodie community in Ghana and overseas. With a focus on making a lasting impact on the hospitality and tourism industry, Zubaida specializes in culinary tourism, leveraging the power of social media to connect with enthusiasts of both food and travel.

Her brand, established four years ago, emphasizes convenience by not only offering reviews but also simplifying the dining and travel experience. Zubaida's commitment to excellence is evident in the frequent updates to menus and recommendations, ensuring her audience stays well-informed. Introducing the innovative ZubzzBot, a WhatsApp chatbot, adds an interactive dimension, providing on-demand recommendations to users.

Collaborating with brands and restaurants, Zubaida actively contributes to enhancing their services and expanding their customer base. Recently, she unveiled Konnect Gh, a new app designed to help users locate the most enticing food destinations across Ghana. Zubaida's multifaceted approach extends beyond her digital presence, emphasizing real-world connections and experiences.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Zubaida Abdel-Rahman encourages aspiring young business owners to harness the potential of social media for wealth creation. She emphasizes the importance of building trust and consistently delivering valuable content to gain recognition and financial success in the competitive online landscape.

Zubaida's insights and dedication make her a leading figure in the intersection of food, travel, and digital influence.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: zubaidah.x

TikTok: @zubzz

Instagram: @zubaidah.x


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