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Zaineb Abelque | United Kingdom | Capturing Essence: The Visual Odyssey

Visual Storyteller & Creative Alchemist | Photographer

Ambassador To The Blue Creator Fund: Chelsea FC

Zaineb Abelque continues to redefine the narrative of her life through the lens of her camera. As a self-taught Photographer and Ambassador to the Blue Creator Fund, her contribution spans from photography to creative insights, making her an essential part of the artistic process. Beyond the frames, she is the Co-founder of Athene Club, a vibrant community that not only embraces the outdoors but empowers women through education and creativity. In her first solo exhibition, 'Inside, Outside,' Abelque unveils a reflexive meditation on her personal life, exploring the depths of faith, diaspora, and fashion. The exhibition, hosted at the Truman Brewery, delves into the sacred month of Ramadan and the subsequent celebration of Eid, providing a poignant glimpse into the intricacies of her Moroccan heritage.

Abelque's perspective goes beyond the religious context; she perceives her life as a painting, capturing the beauty in candid and honest moments. Through her lens, she has masterfully documented the polarities of Ramadan, from introspective solitude to the communal togetherness that defines the holy month.

The intimate images steeped in faith and worship offer a genuine portrayal of Abelque's family and community, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with nostalgia and comfort.

Adding another layer to her artistic repertoire, Zaineb Abelque extends her exploration into the realm of film with 'Inside, Outside.' This one-shot Super 8 film captures the essence of the celebration period surrounding Ramadan and Eid.

The film takes viewers on an atmospheric journey through a morning Eid prayer, immersing them in the experience and inviting them to engage with the unfolding of a new season, founded on joy.

Abelque's commitment to bridging the gap between faith, diaspora, fashion, and people is evident not just in her art but in her advocacy for unity and shared values. Her perspective, rooted in the truth of being a Muslim, resonates through her photographs and films, amplifying the beauty that exists in practicing Islam.

Zaineb Abelque is not just a photographer; she is a visual storyteller, a creative alchemist, and a beacon of inspiration for those who find beauty in the authenticity of shared experiences.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @zainebzeeee


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