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Winnie Okpapi | Nigeria | Artistic Excellence

Updated: Jun 13

CEO at The Grid Management | Founder | Award Winning Film Producer

Talent Manager | Cultural Project Manager | Arts Consultant & Strategist | Lover of Travel, History & Antiquities

In the bustling heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Winnie Okpapi has carved out a vibrant and influential career as a creative powerhouse. Her journey from a childhood dreamer to a seasoned Chief Operating Officer at The Grid Management is nothing short of extraordinary. With a flair for visual arts, music, film, and television, Winnie’s story is one of passion, dedication, and innovation. Winnie’s career began with her love for art and culture. As a child, she balanced her aspirations of becoming an archaeologist with her artistic talents, even winning the “Best Student in Fine Arts” award at Vivian Fowler Memorial College. These early achievements set the stage for a dynamic career in the creative industries. Her professional journey kicked off with a six-year stint as an Art Consultant & Project Manager at Artwyn, where she managed multiple projects from concept to completion, curated exhibitions, and developed long-term strategies for art sales. This role honed her ability to blend creative vision with business acumen.

Winnie’s next big leap was with The Temple Company, where she spent over six years leading strategy, production, and talent affairs. Here, she spearheaded significant projects like the Global Citizen Lagos live festival and produced award-winning films such as “Introducing the Kujus,” licensed by Amazon Studios, and “My Village People,” featured on Netflix. Her role required exceptional coordination skills, deep operational knowledge, and a knack for marketing, all of which she executed flawlessly.

During her time at TMPL Motion Pictures, Winnie oversaw all elements of production, from conception through to completion, and played a pivotal role in marketing. Her portfolio includes producing feature films, short films, and web series, all while managing the careers of various talents across arts and entertainment.

At the British Council, Winnie contributed to cultural relations programs through the arts and creative industries, delivering large-scale projects and managing media relations. Her efforts culminated in the successful execution of the first Digital Social Media Week event linking offices in the UK, Abuja, and Lagos.

Today, as the Chief Operating Officer at The Grid Management, Winnie continues to blend her creative talents with strategic leadership. She supervises multiple departments, ensuring projects are delivered effectively while managing the careers of numerous artists. Her work with The Grid Management exemplifies her commitment to empowering women in the entertainment industry, promoting gender equality, and supporting female talents like Bisola Aiyeola and Bimbo Ademoye.

Winnie’s journey is marked by her ability to multitask and bring ideas to life. She finds immense joy in conceptualizing and seeing those ideas come to fruition. Despite the challenges, like managing high-profile events such as the Global Citizen Live event and producing documentaries featuring renowned personalities, Winnie thrives on overcoming obstacles with meticulous coordination and a dedicated team.

Her recent recognition as one of the best female filmmakers at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival for her movie "Doubt" underscores her creative prowess and ability to deliver exceptional work under tight constraints. The film’s success, amidst managing other projects, highlights her resilience and talent in navigating the complexities of film production.

Winnie’s story is not just about her accomplishments but also about her role as a thought leader in the creative industry. She actively promotes gender equality and supports other women in their endeavors, believing that success is attainable for women when backed by commitment and passion. Her journey, marked by a 13-year path to achieving her Master’s in Arts, stands as a testament to her dedication and perseverance. In a world where creative and business skills often clash, Winnie Okpapi seamlessly bridges the gap, creating a legacy of empowerment, innovation, and artistic excellence. Her vibrant career continues to inspire and shape the future of the creative industries in Nigeria and beyond.

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