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Vincent Okezie | Nigeria | Making Waves

Apprentice: Mechanic | Guinness World Record Holder | Aspiring Professional Footballer & Freestyler

Vincent Okezie, a secondary school student from Abia State, Nigeria, achieved an astounding feat by setting four Guinness World Records in 2022. Balancing an apprenticeship at a mechanic workshop with his education, Okezie embarked on this remarkable journey on March 11, 2022. His first record involved the most consecutive passes (129) of a football between the head and soles while balancing on the back of a person, achieved alongside two others. The same day, he secured another record, becoming the holder of the most consecutive backward handsprings (10) with a football between the legs.

Five months later, on August 20, 2022, Okezie added two more records to his name: the most over and underpasses (40) of a football with feet touching in one minute and the most transfers (9) of footballs spun on the finger in 30 seconds, achieved with a partner.

On March 3, one year later, Okezie won his fifth Guinness World Record for the most football 'around the world' tricks (71) with arms linked, accomplished with another person. Despite this remarkable achievement, he expressed disappointment at the lack of recognition and celebration in Nigeria compared to others, like Hilda Baci, the Jollof Queen.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Okezie shared his journey from a low-income family background, emphasizing the challenges he faces without financial support. Despite holding five Guinness World Records, he currently works as an apprentice mechanic, balancing his academic pursuits in SSS 2.

Okezie aspires to be a professional footballer and freestyler, seeking sponsorship for his education and a football club outside Nigeria. While acknowledging the challenges, he remains resilient, aiming to overcome obstacles and fulfill his dreams. Despite the lack of monetary rewards from the Guinness World Records, Okezie hopes for support to further his education and assist his family.

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