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Vee (Varaidzo) Kativhu | Zimbabwe & UK | Don't Compromise Your Identity, Mission or Purpose!

Young Leader at the UN | Girls’Education Activist | Harvard MA | Speaker

Founder of Empowered By Vee | Oxford BA Grad | Social Media - Empowerment YouTuber

Director | Girls Education Activist

Picture a young girl in Zimbabwe, her eyes brimming with dreams larger than life. Fast forward a few years, and she's not just making waves—she's creating tidal changes in the world of education. This is the extraordinary journey of Vee Kativhu, an education advocate whose story is as inspiring as it is groundbreaking. Vee’s story begins in Zimbabwe, where her passion for learning was ignited despite the many challenges she faced. Her thirst for knowledge was insatiable, and this hunger propelled her to the hallowed halls of Oxford University. As a young Zimbabwean woman at one of the world's most prestigious institutions, Vee's journey was just beginning. While at Oxford, Vee noticed a glaring gap—the lack of representation and support for underrepresented students. Instead of lamenting, she took action. In 2018, she founded Empowered By Vee, an initiative dedicated to providing skill-based workshops and mentorship to students from marginalized backgrounds. What began as a small project soon burgeoned into a global movement, transforming lives and opening doors to higher education for countless young people.

Vee's influence grew as she harnessed the power of social media. With over half a million followers on YouTube, her channel became a beacon of hope and guidance. She demystified the path to prestigious universities, shared invaluable advice, and created a community where students felt seen and supported. Her digital platform didn’t just share information; it built bridges, broke down barriers, and inspired a generation.

Her relentless efforts didn't go unnoticed. In 2023, Vee stood shoulder to shoulder with icons like Michelle Obama as one of BBC’s 100 influential Women. She was awarded the Diana Legacy Award by Prince William and Prince Harry, a testament to her profound impact. Parliament recognized her with the Rare Rising Star Award, and Oxford University honored her as a Diversity Champion. Each accolade was a testament to her unwavering dedication and the lives she touched.

Vee's journey took her to the global stage. As a keynote speaker, she captivated audiences at UNESCO, UNICEF, and numerous other international platforms. Her words were not just speeches; they were rallying cries for equal education. She collaborated with the United Nations as a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, driving initiatives that put education at the forefront of global development.

In 2022, Vee added another feather to her cap—she became a Penguin Random House author. Her book, "EMPOWERED: Live Your Life With Passion and Purpose," is more than a self-help guide; it's a manifesto for anyone looking to find their voice and make a difference.

Vee's initiatives continued to grow. She founded The Empowerment Brunch, a global networking platform for women. It was a space where women from all walks of life could connect, share their stories, and uplift one another. It wasn’t just about networking; it was about building a sisterhood of empowered women ready to change the world.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Vee took her passion for education to new heights by pursuing a PhD in Education Leadership at Claremont Graduate University. Her focus? Tackling global challenges in girls' education and youth empowerment. Her work with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and as the Global Youth Engagement Lead at UWS underscores her commitment to making a tangible difference.

Vee Kativhu’s journey is far from over. Each step she takes is a stride toward a future where every girl, regardless of her background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and lead. From a small village in Zimbabwe to the corridors of power and influence, Vee’s story is a powerful reminder that with passion, purpose, and perseverance, anything is possible.

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