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Vanessa Kanbi | Scotland & Ghana | Digital Storytelling

Content Creator | Presenter | Podcaster

Vanessa Kanbi, a Scottish-Ghanaian luminary in the dynamic realms of content creation, presenting, and podcasting, is a trailblazer with a massive online following. Boasting over 170,000 YouTube subscribers, 30,000 Instagram followers, and 1.8 million TikTok likes, Vanessa has seamlessly woven a captivating digital tapestry.

Since June 2017, Vanessa has harnessed her creative prowess as a self-employed content creator, amassing an impressive social media following of over 200,000. Her YouTube channel, a powerhouse with 25 million views, delves into the realms of travel and real estate, while her Instagram and TikTok profiles craft a narrative centered around lifestyle. Beyond the digital landscape, Vanessa's influence extends to presenting, filmmaking, and podcasting, where she passionately unveils untold stories.

Vanessa's commitment to social justice is deeply ingrained, with a background in Criminal Justice from the University of Westminster. As the creator and host of the "Magnificent Mothers Podcast," she provides a platform for moms to share their extraordinary stories, fostering inspiration and community building.

Transitioning from a decade-long career as a fashion model in prominent cities like Scotland, London, Paris, and Istanbul, Vanessa has evolved into a fervent advocate. Her pivot towards videography and podcasting reflects a conscious commitment to supporting black-owned businesses and embracing a sustainable approach to fashion.

Vanessa's YouTube channel, with over 20 million views, stands as a virtual passport, guiding viewers through the natural splendors of Ghana.

As a member of the YouTube Black Creator class, she immersed herself in Ghana's cultural tapestry for a year and a half, forming enduring connections and earning features in prestigious platforms like British Vogue.

As a mother of three, Vanessa extends her influence to empower moms to embrace and appreciate their bodies. The "Magnificent Mothers Podcast" serves as a testament to her dedication, garnering a substantial following and creating a supportive community for inspiring stories.

Vanessa Kanbi is not just a content creator; she's an innovator, a beacon of inspiration for mothers, and a tireless advocate for social change. Her journey radiates resilience, passion, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in every facet of her remarkable life.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @vanessakanbi

Twitter: @VanessaKanbi

TikTok: @vanessakanbi


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