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Tshego La Manche | South Africa | Fashion & Culture

Being in a family where entrepreneurship is the culture, we grew up in a family where dinner conversations weren’t about how was your day rather how much money did we make, how was trade and hearing our parents advise each other on the way forward in business. So growing up in that environment made me accustomed to the way of business and made me attracted to entrepreneurship. My mother, father, sister, grandmother are all entrepreneurs as I said entrepreneurship is the culture at home so honestly there was no contention but more of a thriving spirit, pressure to succeed and motivation. Definitely understanding that loving fashion and being in the business of fashion is two different things. Being responsible at 23, understanding that I have not only myself to account for but having staff older than me with families to be responsible for. Initial hurdles were also establishing myself in the market place and appropriating my target market. Its beneficial to manufacture than to import, then you will see greater profit margins and help the economy.

La Manche is a clothing boutique situated in Johannesburg South Africa, all feminine, sexy, structured and timeless pieces. Crafted to suit a woman's unique style and fit.I design the pieces, with a team of talented bespoke artists to make unique quality garments ranging from dresses to woman's suits. The brand has built a database of strong, influential powerful woman, celebrities and influencers rocking the brand within the 5 years of existence. La Manche is set to take over the online space, currently shipping all over the world.

What advice would you give to an upcoming young and old entrepreneur locally and internationally?

Know your initial goals and vision. In doing your business plan, don’t focus on a 2 years / 5 years plan rather be invested in creating a 10 years long term goal. This will assist in always committing to your goal, whether or not new trends come in the market place it wont derail or shift you from your focus but remind you of why you started and what you want to do.


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