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Tracy A. Owusu-Addo (Tracy Sarkcess) | Ghana | Exemplify Advocacy

Impact-Driven Media Professional | Founder of Brave Foundation | Social Entrepreneur | Menstrual Equity, Sexual Reproductive Health & Financial Literacy Advocate for Young Women | Public Speaker

Tracy A. Owusu-Addo, widely known as Tracy Sarkcess, is an influential figure whose multifaceted profile encompasses impactful media strategy, social entrepreneurship, and dedicated advocacy for women's rights. Identified as a first-degree connection, Tracy is a renowned impact-driven media professional and the founder of the BRAVE Foundation, where she serves as the Director, steering the organization toward empowering young women and promoting gender equality across Africa.

With a background deeply rooted in digital marketing and strategic media planning across Europe and Asia-Pacific, Tracy has honed her skills in content marketing and PPC. Her commitment to creating a more inclusive society is evident in her roles as the Head of Digital Media Strategy at SARKCESS ENTERTAINMENT and a Strategic Media Planner at D.C. Media Networks GmbH.

As the Founder and Director of BRAVE Foundation, Tracy's passion for societal change is evident in the organization's initiatives. The Brave Venture Builder supports and mentors young women entrepreneurs, the Brave Sanitary Pad Support Fund addresses menstrual equity, TechHer Future bridges the gender gap in technology, and the National Youth Internship Scheme fosters economic independence.

Tracy's skill set spans a wide range, including brand strategy, public speaking, team leadership, environmental sustainability, program development, strategic partnerships, social entrepreneurship, corporate communications, gender equality advocacy, and project management. As a social media influencer, Tracy has a substantial following across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Her online presence actively highlights her impact-driven work through Project BRAVE Foundation, reaching almost a million followers.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tracy is the wife of renowned Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. Together, they manage Sarkcess Music Record Label. Tracy, a Krobo lady with roots in Manya Krobo, is a mother of two and a passionate advocate for love, loyalty, and women's empowerment.

Tracy's dedication extends to her role as the Executive Lead at PROJECT BRAVE, an opportunity-creation hub that connects, inspires, and empowers young Ghanaian women through education. As the CEO of BRAVE Media Agency, Tracy plays a pivotal role in crafting brand ethos and strategic storytelling through content production.

Tracy A. Owusu-Addo stands as a beacon of empowerment and change, utilizing her expertise and influence to drive meaningful initiatives. From her commitment to gender equality to her impactful work through BRAVE Foundation and beyond, Tracy exemplifies leadership and advocacy that resonates far beyond professional boundaries.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Tracy A. Owusu-Addo (Tracy Sarkcess)

Instagram: @Tracysarkcess


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