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Stacey Freduah Sefah | Ghana | Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Fashion Designer | Entrepreneur | Law Student | Creative Director

My name is Stacey Freduah Sefah, and I'm a 24-year-old fashion designer, entrepreneur, and law student at the Ghana School of Law. As the Vice President of the Students' Council, I am responsible for representing and advocating for the student body. I attended Holy Child School and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where I developed my skills and talents.

I have always been a happy and positive person, and my faith in God has played a significant role in my journey. In 2021, I was focused on passing my entrance exam for law school and didn't explore my potential fully. However, in 2022, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pursue my dreams. I discovered talents I didn't know I had and ended up running and winning an election while starting a successful fashion business. My experiences in 2022 have inspired me to launch STAAY FOUNDATION GHANA, which will focus on promoting the welfare of the sick and needy in our society, promoting girl child education, and supporting young entrepreneurs through mentorship and networking events. With God's grace, I am confident that I will achieve all my goals and make a positive impact on my community.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

As a fashion designer, one of the biggest initial hurdles I faced was getting my business off the ground. Starting a business requires a lot of resources, such as capital, sales etc. However, I overcame this hurdle by taking advantage of the resources I had at my disposal. I started with a small collection of designs, which I marketed to friends and family. I also utilized social media platforms such as Instagram to showcase my work and gain new clients. Through hard work and persistence, my business eventually started to grow and become more successful.

As a student at the Ghana School of Law, one of the biggest initial hurdles I face is adjusting to the demands of the program. Law school is known to be quite rigorous, and the workload can be overwhelming at times. To overcome this hurdle, I have to develop good time management and study skills. I also formed study groups with my peers, which often helps me stay on top of the material and provides a support system when I need it. Additionally, I make sure to take breaks and engage in self-care activities to prevent burnout.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

The power of our thoughts should not be underestimated. Our minds have the ability to shape our reality, and what we choose to focus on will ultimately define us. To those who aspire to make a difference and leave a mark in this world, I encourage you to take the first step towards your dreams. Although the path may be filled with obstacles and difficulties, it is in overcoming these challenges that we grow and achieve greatness. So let us embrace the journey, for it is through the struggles that we find beauty and fulfillment.

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