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Spiridoula Trakaki | Greece | Innovation & Growth

Biomedical and Pharmacy Graduate | Marketing Strategist | Branding

Meet Spiridoula Trakaki, the powerhouse behind a wave of entrepreneurial innovation and marketing prowess. With over a decade of experience blending biomedical sciences with marketing magic, Spiridoula has carved her path as a co-founder and chief marketing officer of Kakushin, a hub where startup dreams transform into legendary success stories. But Spiridoula's journey doesn't stop there. She's the mastermind behind, an AI-driven solution revolutionizing online shopping by delivering personalized sizing and style recommendations. From her early days in the medical field to her current role shaping the startup ecosystem, Spiridoula's story is one of relentless pursuit and unwavering dedication. With Kakushin, she doesn't just offer branding solutions; she forges legends, ensuring startups stand out in a sea of competition.

But Spiridoula's vision extends beyond branding; it's about leveraging AI to create personalized experiences and driving innovation that solves real-world problems. With, she's transforming the online shopping experience one recommendation at a time. In the next five years, Spiridoula sees the industry evolving towards comprehensive solutions and embracing sustainability. She's ready to lead the charge, leveraging AI to create personalized branding magic and aligning services with evolving values.

For Spiridoula, success isn't just about business; it's about giving back. That's why she's cooking up an entrepreneur program to mentor newcomers and share her wealth of experience. Spiridoula Trakaki isn't just shaping the future of business and tech; she's redefining what it means to be a visionary leader in the startup world. So, buckle up and join her on this exhilarating journey towards innovation and growth!

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