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Solace Dankwa | Ghana | Generational Thinker

Digital Marketer | Founder | Blogger

If you have to make a difference in the future, you have to be generational thinker. why we don't seem to be making progress is that we don't think generationally.

My name is Solace Lisa Dankwa, a digital marketer, blogger, a serial entrepreneur, and founder of Entrepreneurs Connect Africa. My journey has been a very challenging one, as a single mother with three children, working and schooling at the same time. It's really been a tough one but with God and determination, I never gave up and will not give up. I had to defer my course in university due to financial reasons and sacrifice for my children, but it never stopped me from dreaming and achieving my goals because I will always come back to pursue my education in the University of Ghana, Legon. Currently I am pursuing my number one dream as a writer despite the challenges, I have always told myself that, life may throw lemons at you, but you have the choice to make a sweet lemonade out of it.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

My initial hurdles were how to communicate with others or being proactive since I always thought of how society will perceive someone like me, a single mother and school dropout. I did not have any public connections or "celebrity tag" to be able to start a blog or have online visibility. I prayed about what I wanted to do regardless, started with a phone and just internet, started writing and creating blogs about my networks in business, and social media platforms. I took keen interest in promoting the achievements and positive things going on in society especially in Ghana since most blogs I knew were more of "attacking an Individual"

What books are you currently reading?

Currently I am reading two books; - Power of your Mind by Chris Oyakhilome - Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? My advice to upcoming talents is first of all, - Recognize that you are the future we hope for. - Be a generational thinker; think about your generation now and five generations ahead, what will they thank you for. What impact can you make now to change tomorrow and continent. Your gifts and talents can be used to affect change in your life, family, country, and continent. - Never give excuses, start with the little you have and keep improving, most importantly remember you are unique, and your generation counts on you. Social Media Handles: LinkedIn: Lisa Dankwa Instagram: Lisa Dankwa Twitter: Lisathecorporateblogger Facebook: Lisa Dankwa


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