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Shanika Benedicto | USA | Superior Customer Service

Real Estate Agent | DMV REALTOR® @rlahdmv | Architect of Custom Experiences

Meet Shanika Benedicto, a dedicated real estate professional with RLAH in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. With a passion for providing top-tier service, Shanika ensures that her clients receive professional, responsive, and attentive real estate assistance every step of the way. As a seasoned real estate agent, Shanika listens intently to her clients' needs and desires, whether they're buying their dream home or selling their property. She understands the importance of effective marketing strategies to ensure that her clients' homes receive the attention they deserve in the competitive real estate market. Shanika's commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with RLAH @properties' ethos of delivering comprehensive and professional marketing, sophisticated technology, and expert market knowledge. With her local expertise and the backing of a national and international network, Shanika consistently achieves outstanding results for her clients, no matter where their buying or selling goals take them.

Beyond her successful real estate career, Shanika is an accomplished Project/Program Management Professional with a diverse educational background. Holding a Master's in Business Administration, a Master's in Environmental Management, and degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering, Shanika brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every transaction.

With a proven track record of supporting and directing complex projects, Shanika is known for her exceptional leadership skills and ability to guide cross-functional teams toward achieving key objectives. Her specialized expertise includes Research & Development Program Management, Strategic Planning, Routine Management/Operations, and Decision Analytics.

Throughout her career, Shanika has held various leadership roles, including Senior Program Analyst at Allegheny Science & Technology, where she provided management and support services to the U.S. Department of Energy. Her responsibilities included overseeing program schedules, time management, and cost control, all while ensuring the highest standards of customer service.

Additionally, Shanika has served as a Project Manager/Project Analyst at Redhorse Corporation, where she excelled in implementing process improvements and standard operating procedures to optimize resource management plans.

Prior to her career in project management, Shanika gained valuable experience as a Water Quality Specialist Intern at DC Water, where she collected and tested water samples, developed databases, and created interactive maps for the agency's website.

Shanika's dedication to excellence extends beyond her professional endeavors. As a native of Prince George's County, she embodies integrity, hard work, and energy in everything she does. Her charismatic and nurturing personality drives her commitment to superior customer service, leadership, and dedication. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in real estate, Shanika Benedicto is the agent you can trust to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations. Give her a call today and experience the difference firsthand.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @soldbyshanikab

LinkedIn: Shanika Benedicto


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