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Samuel Degraft Yeboah | Ghana | What Defines You?

Movie Director | Advocate | Humanitarian & Philanthropist

I am always working hard to become a strong advocate in my ecosystem in terms of growing the capacity and talent in the creative space. I am a vibrant storyteller, my stories take you through unexpected twists, turns, disbeliefs, and bring you face to face with truth. My vision is to evoke compassion, smiles, laughter, and profound thoughtfulness, calling upon the audience to assess their own conduct and socio-political condition. My name is Samuel Degraft Yeboah. I am a Ghanaian film director, writer, and producer. I am the founder and CEO of Success Graded Productions, a film, television, and advertising production company. My role as a producer is to write scripts, create stories, research awesome locations, prepare production budget, editing, organize cast and crews. In recent years, the country - (Ghana) has also undergone major demographic and economic shifts. The film industry has been one of the hardest-hit sectors in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has dwindled the fortunes of the various stakeholders in the film industry. Film industry in advanced countries keeps growing because creatives are celebrated for their unique skills, which sets them apart from others. Recently, from our last production, we submitted to Netflix through film one, we got to learn that we need to improve the standard of our productions irrespective of budget.

Some of my recent notable screenings are “Shemale (with the likes of Nadia Buari, Sellasie Ibrahim, Kofi Adjorlolo and Nana Yeboah)” and “Fire and Ice” that premiered in Hamburg, December 11, 2021. Fire and Ice was shot in Ghana in November, 2021. "Jackies Frank France Love" was shot in France. Fire and Ice also featured the like of French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie. I am grateful to have worked with amazing actresses and actors from different genres, including the likes of Kalsoume Sinare and the list goes on and on. Currently, there are few YouTube contents out there and screenings airing on Iroko TV Online: please do support grassroots contents like: Kakalikalove, My Partner’s Enemy, Searching4awife etc.

Do reach out via my social media handles below. I am open for collaborations, production consulting, speaking engagements etc.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

One of the hurdles I faced in the beginning when I first started, was finding balance (work, time management, family etc). I didn't get any love and support from the community when I first started, rather my nuclear and extended family. I am grateful for that.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

My advice to the youth is to be compassionate and innovative. Surround yourself with people who challenge you, inspire you. One example of encouragement I gave to Nana Yeboah, to ignore people who criticize his choice of words. That is what defines him and makes him stand out in the industry.

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