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Ruwayda Redfearn | South Africa | You Got This

CEO, Deloitte Africa | Community Leader

Ruwayda Redfearn is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer at Deloitte South Africa, bringing a wealth of expertise and leadership to the forefront. Her journey in the professional landscape began as a Trainee at the Durban office in 1997, marking the inception of a remarkable career. After a transformative New York secondment, Ruwayda returned to Durban as a manager, rising through the ranks to become a partner in 2004. Her exceptional capabilities were further recognized when she took on the role of leading the Audit Practice of the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) region in 2010, overseeing prestigious clients and chairing the Global Young Partners’ Advisory Council, reporting directly to the global CEO.

In 2011, Ruwayda was appointed to the Deloitte Southern Africa Board and Remuneration Committee, showcasing her strategic insights. The year 2012 marked a pivotal moment as she ventured into the role of Chief Financial Officer at a global commodity trading business, gaining invaluable experience and serving as a Board member for several group companies. Returning to Deloitte in 2015 as the Office Managing Partner for the KZN region, Ruwayda managed the Risk Advisory business for the Eastern Seaboard. Her leadership acumen led to her appointment to the Deloitte Africa Board in 2016, where she assumed the role of Chair and actively contributed to the Remuneration Committee.

Ruwayda's dynamic journey reflects a unique blend of experiences in both the professional and corporate realms, enriching her perspective as a leader. Known for her ability to cultivate strong relationships, navigate crises, and make bold decisions, Ruwayda has consistently proven herself as a capable and resilient leader. A qualified CA(SA), Ruwayda is a graduate of the University of Natal, and she further serves on the Deloitte Global Board of Directors, contributing to the firm's global strategy and direction. Her tenure as Chief Executive Officer at Deloitte South Africa signifies her commitment to excellence and continuous growth in the professional landscape.

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