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Richmond Amofa-Sarpong | Ghana | Empowerment & Innovation

Founder | Lawyer | Philanthropist | Youth Advocate | Speaker

Talent Management | Coaching | Marketing

Richmond Amofa-Sarpong, affectionately known as Richie, has carved a remarkable path in youth empowerment and entrepreneurial innovation. Honored by the 2019/2021 Executives of the National Union of Ghana Students, Richie’s contributions are pivotal in Ghana's growth narrative. As the visionary founder of the Ghana Tertiary Awards, he has spotlighted numerous emerging talents. Richie’s diverse career spans law, television, youth advocacy, talent management, coaching, and marketing. His dynamic roles include managing actress and philanthropist Fella Makafui, lecturing, and hosting the influential "Youth Empowerment TV Show," a platform that amplifies young voices.

In 2019, Richie was appointed the Public Relations Officer for United Nations Youth Ghana, underscoring his leadership and dedication.

His accolades are numerous, including the "Youth Empowerment Icon of the Year" at the African Youth Empowerment Awards 2015 and the "21st Century Business Entrepreneur Award" at the Africa Business Leadership Honors 2019 in Dubai.

Richie’s journey began in marketing, where he demonstrated exceptional skill in event management. His passion for youth empowerment is evident in every endeavor, inspiring countless young people to actively shape Africa's future. His numerous awards, including "Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur" and "Exclusive Male Entrepreneur of the Year," reflect his impact and dedication.

As a prolific speaker, Richie captivates audiences across Ghana and Africa, advocating for youth engagement and societal change. His story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

To many, he is a role model, a beacon of hope, and a testament to what can be achieved through passion and vision. Richmond Amofa-Sarpong’s legacy is one of empowering young minds, driving change, and creating a brighter future for Africa.

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