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Richie Brown (Osebo - TheZaraMan) | Ghana | Expression

Phone: 0545417755, 026 426 4436


Model | Designer | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Fashion Psychologist

What you wear often sends UNIQUE cues to other people - confident or timid. Honestly, I think most people just respect the guts it takes to go out in such unconventional clothing. I became interested in fashion back when I was little. Men’s fashion is slowly changing and becoming more expressive. I sometimes catch people inconspicuously glancing at me, but I just ignore it. Frankly, it surprised me how many people I catch these days peeking.

I am the owner of 24/7 Zaraman Boutique. I treat Ghanaians and Africans to regular stunning looks be it local or western approach or mix of both. I have been intensely criticized by most Ghanaians or Africans for the way I have fused western culture into that of African in my fashion. In 2020, BBC News did a quick storytelling re: my journey as the first popular fashion designer from Africa to switch my dress code. I am widely called Osebo - but my name is Richard Opoku, I rapidly rose to fame in Ghana as a result of my out of the ordinary fashion sense and style.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

You will get to know more about me - "Osebo". I am considered as critics would say - one of the first elite Ghanaian fashionista, who has been trending in the media for mostly wearing unisex outfits. My approach to grassroot styling or fashion makes my ecosystem both informative and addicting. Fashion to me is madness, confidence, creativity and a vision!

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Designers out there or creatives - remember make sure women or men move and breathe in your design as an expression. Embrace your body and make your healthcare a priority - what you eat, drink etc


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