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PJ Lowe | Canada | Heartfelt Recognition

Founder & President at Chocolate Soup

Meet PJ Lowe, the innovative Founder and President of Chocolate Soup, a company in Kitchener, Canada, dedicated to making employees feel truly cherished—one delightful treat at a time. Under PJ's visionary leadership since November 2016, Chocolate Soup has redefined employee recognition with creative, thoughtful gifts that make every team member feel valued. PJ’s journey in the tech and business world is as rich and varied as the treats Chocolate Soup delivers. Before Chocolate Soup, PJ co-founded bitHound in 2013, a company that provided cutting-edge code analysis to help developers create high-quality software. This venture underscored PJ’s belief that great software is built on attention to detail and relentless pursuit of excellence. PJ also served as a Growth Coach at Communitech from 2018 to 2021, guiding startups to scale new heights. As a Partner and Board Member at Social Venture Partners International, PJ cultivated effective philanthropy, building powerful relationships to address social challenges in the Waterloo region. Notably, PJ co-founded tinyHippos Inc., a mobile tech startup that was later acquired by Research In Motion (RIM). tinyHippos developed a Mobile Environment Emulator, revolutionizing mobile app development by allowing developers to test and debug cross-platform applications seamlessly.

PJ’s knack for entrepreneurship was evident early on with the creation of Nom Nom Treats in 2011. This edible swag company turned branded goodies into delicious experiences, creatively combining logos and tasty treats, a concept that paved the way for Chocolate Soup’s innovative approach to employee appreciation. Beyond the corporate realm, PJ’s passion for empowering women in tech led to the co-founding of Girl Geek Dinners KW, a chapter dedicated to breaking down barriers and nurturing interest in technology among women. This initiative provided a fun, inclusive space for tech enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share their passions.

PJ’s academic journey took them through the University of Guelph and Western University, where a foundation in arts provided a broad perspective that would later inform their multifaceted career. Looking ahead, PJ sees a future where flexible work arrangements become the norm, increasing the need for meaningful employee engagement and recognition. To meet this demand, Chocolate Soup is leveraging AI for content creation and messaging, enhancing efficiency and personalization.

Excitingly, PJ and the team at Chocolate Soup are preparing to expand their services into the US market in 2024, bringing their unique brand of employee appreciation to even more companies. In PJ Lowe’s story, we see a blend of innovation, passion, and a commitment to making the workplace a happier, more valued space. As Chocolate Soup continues to grow, PJ’s vision of heartfelt recognition and impactful leadership promises to inspire and delight many more along the way.

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