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Philomena Esinam Afi Antonio | Ghana | Helping Hands


I'm Philomena Esinam Afi Antonio from the Volta Region of Ghana. Born to a soldier father and trader mum.

I am a product of Takoradi Polytechnic. I had my national service with OM Studio where my passion for media started. I have since worked for so many companies such as Solid Multimedia as production manager for 5years, 2131 group of companies briefly as an HR, then Prime FM as an entertainment presenter and Rackus Production as a production assistant. Later, I decided to produce my own TV Show called “Celebrity Delivery TV Show ” that aired 3 successful seasons presented by myself. My journey of helping people started 4 or 5years ago. I realized I had quite a number of followers on social media so instead of just posting beautiful photos of myself for likes and comments, I decided to post about people who needed help. This is how I started. People were willing to offer help when they saw my post. I did this for sometime and then decided to register my foundation and do it full time. I registered my foundation on my birthday, March. To the glory of God, my foundation will turn 4yrs on my next birthday. I am fulfilled seeing people happy after getting the help they needed. The joy my help brings them is enough payment for me.

We are a non profit organization focused on education, health and women empowerment. We raise funds through social media to provide solar lamps for final year Junior High students in off grid communities (Solar4Girls) to help them learn extra hours at night. We pay medical bills for (surgeries) for the less privileged in the society. We train widows, single mothers and dropouts to acquire skills to be self sufficient and finally we train children living with autism to become models

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge has always been funding. It's been so difficult getting support or help from government or corporate institutions which has made it difficult to be able to help as much as I would have loved to. It's not about luck of trying to reach them. I've written countless proposals, booked appointments but to no avail. Out of frustration I stopped and concentrated solely using social media. The only company that has stuck to us for the past 3 to 4yrs now has been Twillium Industries producer's of Verna Natural Mineral Water. They always come to our aid with products anytime we call on them.

All credit goes to my social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter who always send in contributions when I make a post soliciting for funds. My followers and some few friends have made the Afi Antonio Foundation what it is now and I don't take it for granted.

What books are you currently reading?

I won't lie, I'm not a reader but just started reading a book by a close friend CAPT. Prince Kofi Amoabeng Titled "The UT Story" Humble Beginnings.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

My advice to anyone reading this is, whatever you find your hands at doing, do it to your best with all your heart and strength. And if you also want to start a foundation like mine, know that the people you help will sometimes be ungrateful and also know that you don't make money out of this. If you have money at the back of your mind, you'll be disappointed and won't last. I do this for God and not man so no matter the difficulties, or people being ungrateful I still do it anyways.

Social media handles

@afiantonio on all platforms

The foundation has a website

Needs some updating but still gives visitors a fair idea of what we do etc.


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