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Paola Ruiz | Canada | Strategic Blueprints

Fractional Startup COO | Operational, Change & Strategy Advisory for Startups & Scaleups

3X Founder | Business Strategist | Marathoner

Paola Ruiz's journey is a vibrant tapestry of resilience, strategy, and inspiration. As a celebrated Fractional COO and business strategist, Paola specializes in steering startups and established companies through transformative growth stages. Her path began with overcoming personal adversities, including homelessness, which instilled in her a unique perspective and a relentless drive to inspire change. Paola's professional narrative is marked by her role as the Founder & CEO of Strategy Advisory Solutions. Here, she crafts strategic blueprints that empower leaders to transform their businesses. Her expertise spans strategy and succession planning, process assessment, project management, leadership coaching, and management consulting, ensuring unparalleled success for her clients.

Her impact extends beyond her consultancy. As a co-founder of an organization empowering 15,000 Latino entrepreneurs in South America, Paola fosters financial security and leadership in rural and indigenous communities. She's also an active contributor to Endeavour Consulting in Canada and a volunteer judge in business case competitions alongside DECA.

On the stage, Paola's voice resonates across North America, where she shares her insights, empowering leaders to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities. Her upcoming book promises to delve into her business strategy methodology, aiming to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and leaders approach their businesses.

Paola’s vision for the future of her industry is hopeful and ambitious. She envisions a shift towards skills-based hiring, fostering a gender-diverse workforce, and replacing outdated power dynamics. She believes that a diverse workforce is critical, especially with the rise of AI, to prevent biased decision-making and create technologies that are fairer and more representative of society.

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