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Oreoluwa Bukola | Nigeria & UK | Mentoring The Next Generation

Manager | Mentor to Career Starters | Public Speaker | Insurance Auditor

In the dynamic world of finance, there's a standout star named Oreoluwa Bukola, whose journey is as inspiring as it is impressive. From the moment she stepped into the financial services industry, Oreoluwa demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, a trait that has defined her career. With over a decade of experience, Oreoluwa currently shines as a manager at PwC UK, where she plays a crucial role in the insurance practice. Here, she supports senior managers, directors, and partners in their auditing roles, ensuring that financial statements are accurate, compliant, and transparent. Her credentials—ACA, ACIB, DipIFR (ACCA), and a Certificate in ESG Investing, along with passing the CFA Level 2 exam—attest to her dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. Oreoluwa's expertise goes beyond her technical skills. She's a mentor to those in the early stages of their careers, offering guidance and support to help them navigate the complex world of finance. Her passion for mentorship is matched by her talent for public speaking, where she motivates and inspires young professionals and students to chase their dreams in finance.

Her career journey began at PwC in Lagos, Nigeria, where she honed her skills as a Senior Associate. She conducted comprehensive financial audits, developed a deep understanding of business processes, and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements. Her keen eye for detail and ability to manage teams on medium-term engagements set her apart.

After a successful stint in Nigeria, Oreoluwa moved to Sigma Financials in Lagos as a Finance Manager, before returning to PwC UK. Her time in the UK has seen her rise from Senior Associate II to her current role as Manager, consistently delivering high-quality assurance services to her clients.

Oreoluwa's academic background is just as impressive. She holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from Babcock University, where she was an active member of the Dream Builders Initiative, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, graduating with First Class honors.

Oreoluwa Bukola's story is one of dedication, growth, and inspiration. As she continues to make waves in the financial services industry, she remains a beacon of excellence, mentoring the next generation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in her field.

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