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Oreoluwa Ayo-Fisher | Nigerian & Rwanda | Empowering Others

Founder @ Break into Tech | LinkedIn Content Creator | Public Speaker | Woman in Business & Tech

Oreoluwa Ayo-Fisher's adventure into tech began in September 2022 when she founded "Break into Tech," a dynamic online platform based in Kigali City, Rwanda. This platform wasn't just another tech community; it was a revolutionary space designed to empower university students across Africa with essential skills, robust networks, and vital knowledge to thrive in the tech industry. Under her visionary leadership, Break into Tech grew rapidly. She orchestrated events, skills workshops, and guest sessions that drew in over 500 students, expanding the community to more than 300 active members. Oreoluwa's ability to mobilize and inspire a team led to the establishment of over 20 active mentors, providing invaluable guidance and support to the students. Currently, she is designing a comprehensive website to seamlessly connect students with mentors and resources, enhancing their employability in the tech sector. In early 2024, Oreoluwa was selected as a Circl® "Future Leader," a prestigious program that offers leadership and coaching training to under-represented young adults. Through a rigorous multi-stage application process, she earned a place among professionals from top global businesses like Google and Facebook. Over three months, Oreoluwa received £1800 worth of training, acquiring formal coaching qualifications that fortified her leadership skills.

From September 2022 to January 2024, Oreoluwa served as the Marketing Manager for The Griot Hub, a creative development company in Kigali City. Here, she developed and implemented marketing strategies that significantly boosted the visibility of programs aimed at nurturing artists, musicians, dancers, and entrepreneurs across Africa. Her innovative use of digital channels and consistent branding strategies led to a substantial increase in engagement and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Oreoluwa's commitment to sustainability was showcased during her internship at Libra Group in New York. From June to August 2023, she conducted in-depth research on climate-tech startups and carbon capture technologies, contributing to the group’s sustainability efforts. Her work in preparing detailed memos and presentations not only reduced the group's carbon emissions by 10% but also attracted new investors by aligning activities with Sustainable Development Goals.

As the Founder and Marketing Manager of Tumi Beauty Store from July 2021 to May 2023, Oreoluwa demonstrated her entrepreneurial prowess. She established effective marketing strategies that dramatically reduced churn rates and doubled customer lifetime value. Her creative designs using Adobe Suite and Canva led to a 50% increase in Instagram engagement, driving the e-commerce beauty store's success. At Bongalo, a travel tech startup, Oreoluwa's role as a Product Marketer was transformative. Between August and December 2022, she conducted competitor analysis, identified key SEO opportunities, and developed a go-to-market strategy for a mobile app launch. Her efforts resulted in a 15% increase in keyword rankings, 10% increase in website visibility, and significant user adoption rates, ultimately boosting the startup's market presence.

During her time at the African Leadership University, Oreoluwa wore multiple hats, from marketing and design intern to diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate. She designed impactful case studies, organized events in collaboration with global foundations, and planned inclusive sessions that celebrated diversity, enhancing the multicultural environment at the university. In July 2022, Oreoluwa participated in the Google Summer Insights Program, further broadening her tech horizons and solidifying her commitment to leveraging technology for positive change. Oreoluwa's leadership journey continued with AIESEC in Rwanda, where she served as the Local Chapter Vice President of Marketing. She organized workshops, generated leads, and increased website traffic through effective social media marketing and email campaigns. Her efforts in producing educational marketing collateral generated over 500 leads and significantly improved customer retention.

Pursuing an Honors Degree in International Business/Trade/Commerce at the African Leadership University, Oreoluwa's academic journey is as impressive as her professional one. She actively participated in various activities and societies, facilitating events and managing social media pages. Additionally, she took part in the ALU/Hult Exchange Program, where she studied marketing principles alongside Hult students, embracing an immersive and collaborative learning experience.

Oreoluwa Ayo-Fisher's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to empowering others, her innovative spirit, and her relentless pursuit of excellence in tech and business.

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