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Okoye Chinelo | Qatar | Transforming Dreams

Founder | Brand Strategist | UGC Creator | Currently Building An AI-powered SaaS

Meet Chinelo, the visionary mind behind Crena, an AI-powered Success Suite for Freelancers and Creatives, poised to revolutionize the gig economy. As a brand strategist, LinkedIn top voice, and founder of Novvarr, Chinelo is a force in the creative realm. Crena integrates lead generation, E-learning, CRM, and payments, offering a comprehensive platform for freelancers. Chinelo's passion for uplifting creatives aligns with Crena's mission, contributing to Sustainable Development Goals like Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities, and Economic Growth. With a background in graphic design and branding, Chinelo heads Novvarr, a creative branding agency. Specializing in lifestyle, tourism, and hospitality brands, she's a powerhouse in crafting tailored strategies.

Her role as the Creative Director for The Brown Twins Luxury showcases her expertise in brand strategy and project management. Chinelo's journey extends to various roles, from being a Strategic Advisor at theafricanfund to a Brand Influencer at TribeArc. She's the Co-Founder of Creos Xyz and the brains behind GetFitNg's brand influence. As the Founder of Crena, she navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and practical solutions.

Her commitment to the gig economy doesn't end with Crena. Chinelo dedicates her time to guiding startups and established businesses. Her one-on-one sessions promise practical approaches to achieving business goals. For those seeking investment opportunities, Crena stands at the forefront of AI technology empowerment.

Chinelo's extensive journey includes being a Senior Designer at Novãrr, contributing to the success of various brands. As a Creative Director for Elysia Magazine, she defined the brand's voice and led creative projects. In her current role as the Founder of Crena, Chinelo is focused on creating a thriving ecosystem for creative professionals. She collaborates with partners, oversees financial aspects, and engages with members, aiming to empower and support creative professionals globally.

Chinelo's story is not just about innovation; it's about transforming dreams into reality, one creative at a time.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Okoye Chinelo

Instagram: @jessyfabulous


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