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Nouhaila's Adventure: Championing Newcomers in Tech | Canada

Founder & CEO at Scale Without Borders | Bay Street Bull's Women of the Year 2021

CILAR Aspiring Innovator 2022

Nouhaila Chelkhaoui's journey is a captivating tale of determination and innovation. Hailing from Morocco, she immersed herself in Canada’s tech ecosystem, fueled by a passion for helping newcomers thrive. This led her to establish Scale Without Borders, a vibrant community offering immigrants the resources they need to succeed in tech and entrepreneurship. Before founding her startup, Nouhaila was a Programs Manager at the DMZ, a top-ranked tech accelerator. There, she championed women entrepreneurs, guiding them in scaling their startups into global businesses. One of her notable achievements was the DMZ Women Founders Accelerator, which included a transformative trip to New York City, securing investments and connections for Canadian women in tech.

Her early career was marked by her role at, where she played a pivotal role in leveraging technology to aid Syrian refugees and newcomers in navigating Canada’s healthcare system. This initiative received widespread media attention and showcased Nouhaila's dedication to making a positive impact.

With a diverse background that includes work in Brazil, Turkey, and Morocco, and fluency in multiple languages, Nouhaila is a true global citizen. Her educational journey at the University of Toronto further honed her skills, earning distinctions in Politics, Sociology, and French Literature. Through Scale Without Borders, Nouhaila continues to break barriers, providing immigrants with access to tech resources and job opportunities, and partnering with top tech employers. Her story is a testament to the power of imagination, self-belief, and relentless action in transforming visions into reality.

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