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Nathan Mayimba Salabiaku | DR Congo & Quebec | Soar

Fashion Stylist | Model | Photographer

My name is Nathan Mayimba Salabiaku. I was born in Kinshasa, DR Congo and came to Canada when I was 20 years old. I’m currently based in Montreal, but Ottawa was the city where I landed and lived for a good amount of time. I am a student in fashion design at Lasalle College. I am a fashion stylist, a brand model, and a freelance photographer. I entered this field of fashion back in January 2020. My love for fashion and especially for stylism started when I was still in high school. I always wanted to dress well without breaking my bank balance. I also believed that wearing designer clothes was not the real meaning of elegance. So, I started watching fashion shows to get inspired by the outfits celebrities will wear, therefore accommodate it to my budget. Later, I found myself becoming more elegant and I was also able to style others. The compliments from others were overflowing, however I did not know what to do with that talent. In December 2019, I decided to pray and ask God to show me what I can do with this talent. By the end of my times of prayer, meditation, and research, I was inspired to switch my Instagram page from a private page into a fashion page. It was on January 1st, 2020 that I named my Instagram Sabel Style. The idea was to post pictures of my outfits to inspire men to dress well without breaking their bank balance. I would also tag the brands that I have worn, so that they can go check them for themselves.

The initial hurdles and how I overcame them

The idea with my page was excellent, however, I encountered lot of challenges in my beginner stage. First, I started this whole journey in January, and it is cold in Ottawa at that time of the year. I had to be outside just to get some pictures to post on my feed. Second, I had no camera when I got started and we know how important a camera is when you get into that field. I had that desire to produce high quality pictures, but I only had my phone which was old by the way.

All these challenges were valid reasons to cause me to quit, but I told myself that nothing will stop me from doing what I set my mind to do. Few weeks later, a friend of mine sold me his camera for more than half price of what he paid for. Since that time, I have been taking high quality pictures and was proposed so many times to partner with local and international brands to promote their products.

The books I am currently reading

Currently, I am reading The power of your mind by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and The richest man in Babylon by Georges Clason and Soar by Bishop T.D Jakes.

My advice to an upcoming youth locally or internationally

The advice I will give to an upcoming youth is simple. When you have a vision in your heart of what you want to accomplish, do not waste your time looking at what you do not have. But instead, look at what you have in your hands because what you have is more than enough to take you where you want to be. Lastly, even when it gets hard, keep the vision in your heart, remind yourself of the joy you had when you received that vision and keep moving. Trust God will all your heart and He will surely direct your path.

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