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Naledi Gallant, PhD. | South Africa | Insatiable Curiosity

Award Winning Entrepreneur | Speaker | Founder

Seasoned Innovation & Business Executive

Meet Naledi Gallant, the dynamo with an M.Phil, MBA, and PhD, who’s making waves as an award-winning entrepreneur and business executive extraordinaire! Naledi is the brain behind Dalitso Holdings, a titan in the HR services industry. Starting with a vision, she grew the company into a bustling enterprise, employing up to 150 people and spreading its wings across the African continent. But she didn’t stop there! Naledi ventured into the tech world with Enobel Technologies, where she's developing a revolutionary recruitment app, keeping her finger on the pulse of the latest business trends. Her insatiable curiosity and drive have led her to dive deep into research on technology adoption and entrepreneurship. Naledi’s ultimate goal? To understand how tech can supercharge SMEs in developing countries, boosting economies and transforming lives across Africa. She's not just dreaming big – she’s making it happen, aiming to influence policy and spearhead innovation systems that advance technology and entrepreneurship.

As a business mentor, Naledi is the guiding star for SMEs, providing personalized guidance and support to help them soar. She’s passionate about fostering entrepreneurship in Africa and has a knack for unlocking the potential in everyone she mentors. Her expertise doesn’t just stay in one lane; Naledi is also a strategic advisor, chairperson, and influential figure in various prestigious organizations like The Regency Apartment Hotel.

Naledi's experience is a rich tapestry, spanning real estate, energy, and even aviation fuel supply with TC Energy. Whether she’s leading adjudication processes for entrepreneurship competitions or coaching at GIBS Business School, her influence is felt far and wide.

In her role at Dalitso Holdings, Naledi ensures that businesses can focus on their strategic goals while her team handles everything from recruiting and staffing logistics to performance management and intercultural integration. Her approach is tailor-made, fitting the unique culture and requirements of each organization.

Naledi’s academic credentials are equally impressive, with a PhD focusing on the digital transformation of township SMEs. She's a Yale Leadership Development Programme alum and holds an MBA from GIBS Business School, along with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Pretoria.

But wait, there’s more! Naledi’s enthusiasm for business extends to her role as a business mentor for Walmart and JPMorgan Chase, where she shares her wisdom and passion for growth and development.

Naledi Gallant is not just a business leader; she’s a visionary, a mentor, and a changemaker, driving the future of African entrepreneurship with a blend of innovation, passion, and unrelenting drive. Get ready to be inspired by her story and join her on this exciting journey!

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