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Muthoni Njoroge | Kenya | Impacting Lives

LinkedIn Visibility & Personal Branding Expert

350 Trained from 13 Countries - The LinkedIn Lioness

Muthoni Njoroge, a renowned LinkedIn Visibility and Personal Branding Expert, has dedicated her career to empowering leaders and professionals worldwide. With a Diploma in Journalism and Communications from NIBS Technical College, where she graduated with distinction and honed her public speaking skills through the Debate and Public Speaking Club, Muthoni embarked on a journey of impactful influence. Starting as a Script Writer for the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development during the COVID-19 pandemic, Muthoni played a crucial role in the "Out of Classroom Learning" project, creating engaging educational content for students nationwide. This experience ignited her passion for digital communication and set the stage for her transition into social media and content marketing.

Muthoni's expertise blossomed as she became a Global LinkedIn Trainer and Personal Branding Coach at Bold Creatives Network. She founded the 14-Day Global LinkedIn Bootcamp, where she has trained over 350 professionals from 13 countries.

Her training focuses on content creation, LinkedIn visibility, lead generation, sales, and personal branding. Known as the "LinkedIn Lioness," she has spoken to over 1,500 professionals and college students, helping many secure jobs, clients, and speaking engagements through her LinkedIn strategies.

In addition to her training and speaking engagements, Muthoni manages LinkedIn profiles for executives, CEOs, and founders, aiding them in achieving lead generation, thought leadership, and building authority.

Her commitment to elevating careers extends to her role as Founder of Lioness BLK, an organization dedicated to empowering black women to break barriers and mentor others.

Muthoni's influence is recognized at high levels, including invitations to Statehouse luncheons by the President and First Lady of Kenya.

Her dedication to LinkedIn optimization is evident in her recent challenge of conducting LinkedIn profile reviews for five hours straight, showcasing her resilience and commitment to her clients' success.

With a growing LinkedIn following of over 24,000, Muthoni continues to impact professionals globally through regular LinkedIn Audio Events and her comprehensive training programs.

Her vision is to help professionals and leaders harness the power of LinkedIn to unlock global opportunities, ensuring that their personal brands stand out in today's competitive digital landscape.

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