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Miss Newlove | London, England | Stay Focused

I am a trailblazer, a woman of many talents, with a professional background in Project Management and Public Relations. I found my calling by being the best version of me. I believe every changemaker begins with a passion. Passion for a cause, passion for community, passion for an idea, passion for a better world. I am first and foremost a Social Entrepreneur, I have accepted my calling to help, support others wellbeing, utilizing their unique skills and characteristics of their lives through my motivational networking society - (The Newlove Xperience). My goal is to inspire others to pursue their passion and become whatever they want irrespective of the location, colour of their skin, religion, origin, hurdles and gender etc. These skills and characteristics allows us to take on different challenges and work together to address just about any societal issue.

I have collaborated and worked on unique projects with different stakeholders, community leaders and influencers - including Merah Vodianova (Luxury Shoe Brand) as their Unit Production Manager and Beffta Award Winning African Entertainment Magazine “Afropulp” where I worked for over 3 years as a PR Manager. As a Plus Size Advocate & Model I am a brand ambassador for international fitness wear Fabletics and I have modelled for many brands. I often spend a lot of my time in Ghana working on developing the importance of body positivity and confidence. I am currently signed to a Plus Size Model Agency in Ghana and partnered with them on the Plus Size Fashion Show, which was postponed due to the pandemic but is coming back bigger and better than anticipated. Known as a media personality in the UK within the Ghanaian community, I am also an acclaimed TV host on a show called “GoalDiggers” which recently had it’s 2 years anniversary of broadcasting and currently showing on channel 7 on Sky TV 182.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? I've had a lot of hurdles in my journey. Almost every time I'm about to embark on something new. I think my biggest hurdle was when I decided to start up my non for profit organization "The Newlove Xperience" in 2017. It was a project I started by myself which was new for me and along the journey I realized that I needed a team. I wasn't going to be able to manage on my own. I'm currently on a break with the project as I took up the opportunity to become a TV Host but I will be back to it in 2022. What books are you currently reading? A book called "Make the world your runway" by Liris Crosse who is my favourite plus model. What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started? That you cannot do things by yourself, you will definitely burn out along the way. Always have a business plan and find people within your network to help you make things happen. What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Stay focused on one thing at a time!!!!! Also consistency will always bring success, never give up.


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