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Mimi Goodwin: Mimi G | USA | DIY Fashion Empress

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The World’s #1 Influencer & Expert: DIY Sewing Revolution

Serial Entrepreneur | Speaker

Founder of Mimi G Style, Inc, Sew It Academy™, Pattern Making Academy,

and Melanated Fabrics Store

Mimi Goodwin, famously known as Mimi G, has forged an extraordinary path from teenage adversity to becoming the reigning queen of DIY fashion. The indomitable entrepreneur has not only transformed her passions into million-dollar enterprises but has triumphed over countless challenges along the way. Hailing from Chicago, Mimi's journey took unexpected turns, from spending summers in Puerto Rico experimenting with fabric to navigating homelessness as a runaway teenager. Despite facing domestic violence, sexual abuse, and the struggles of being a homeless single mother, Mimi's love for sewing remained a constant escape.

In her early twenties, she enrolled in fashion design school but soon realized she had already mastered the skills she was paying to learn. Determined to carve her own path, Mimi started her blog,, unintentionally becoming a pioneer in DIY fashion education.

In 2012, a pivotal moment occurred when she posted a video tutorial on sewing a skirt, triggering an unprecedented response. Mimi inadvertently created a niche, offering fashion sewing tutorials on YouTube when no one else was. The success of her digital tutorials marked the genesis of her transformation from blogger to business mogul.

Within two years, Mimi G Style garnered over a million page views, doubling her income and prompting her to leave her day job. Signing her first licensing deal with Simplicity, she cultivated a community of DIY enthusiasts and identified a gap in the market for digital sewing tutorials. This realization led to the birth of SewItAcademy in 2016, now the world's leading online sewing school with over seventy courses.

Mimi's businesses, Mimi G Style Inc and Sew It Academy, both generate seven figures individually. Her success extends beyond monetary gains, as she has empowered over 12,000 students to embrace sewing and design through her academy.

Notably, Mimi's commitment to social justice came to the forefront during the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite facing a personal loss, she called out major brands for their silence, prompting a positive response and a commitment to change from Simplicity.

Determined to broaden her impact, Mimi is striving to get Sew It Academy accredited, making fashion design education accessible. She is also working on establishing a scholarship fund and business funding initiative to support aspiring entrepreneurs in the sewing and design field.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Mimi G is a mother of four, a daughter, and a friend. Her brand, Mimi G Style, has evolved into a mission, reaching global audiences and helping individuals regain confidence and transform their lives.

As the Vice President of Design, Brand Strategy, and Patterns for Design Group, Mimi G continues to collaborate with renowned brands, solidifying her status as a trendsetting fashion icon. Her influence extends to speaking engagements, events, and even television appearances, making her a sought-after figure in the world of DIY fashion and empowerment.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @mimigstyle @sewitacademy & @melanatedfabricsco

Pinterest: @mimi-goodwin @mimigstyle

Twitter: @mimigtsyle

YouTube: @mimigstyleshow

LinkedIn: Mimi G Ford


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