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Meryl Kaye De Leon | Canada | Forging Deeper Partnership

Founder & Managing Partner at PERA | MBA | Mentor

Meryl Kaye De Leon embodies the spirit of innovation and empowerment, blazing trails across the realms of finance and healthcare in Canada. As the visionary Founder & Managing Partner of PERA, she doesn't just facilitate business growth—she catalyzes transformation. With a knack for navigating the complex terrain of equity and debt financing, Meryl propels small and medium-sized enterprises towards their full potential, unlocking opportunities that elevate economies and communities alike. Beyond her role at PERA, Meryl serves as Director and Advisor at Neurologik Rehab, a pioneering healthcare center in Greater Vancouver. Here, alongside medical specialists and allied health professionals, she pioneers integrated care solutions that redefine patient outcomes. Her dedication extends to her tenure as Treasurer on the Board of Directors at Pacific Open Heart Association, where she spearheads initiatives to support and uplift heart patients across multiple hospitals.

Recognized as an Executive Advisor at Trillium Meditec, Meryl drives innovation in regenerative medicine, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to alleviate joint pain and pioneer new treatments for spinal cord injuries. Armed with an MBA from Syracuse University and a BA from the University of Winnipeg, she brings a wealth of strategic acumen and visionary leadership to every endeavor.

Meryl's entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a profound belief in the "why"—the driving force behind her tireless efforts to redefine success and resilience in business. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs resonates deeply: embrace challenges, learn from failures, and remain steadfast in your purpose. As she looks towards the future, Meryl is poised to expand PERA's footprint, forging deeper partnerships and empowering more businesses to thrive. Her commitment to delivering unparalleled value underscores her role as a catalyst for lasting change in Canada's business landscape.

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