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Matthew Meszaros | Australia | Professionalism

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Founder | Talent Scout | Investor

I can't really claim to have a humble beginning story as I think I had a privileged upbringing compared to many.

My name is Matthew Meszaros. I am an Australian. As the Founder, I work closely with customers at Executive levels to understand how they position themselves, their constraints, drivers and where they seek to innovate. The role involves deep research of their field and the market for the most appropriate expertise to assist them. The role requires a deep level of customer trust and confidentiality, being exposed to intellectual property, investment decisions and commercial strategy.

As an investor, in a number of cases I have also taken position in my client and I am active in using my extensive network in working with them to introduce them to new partners and prospects. Our key markets are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. However, we have worked on roles around the world that have included the Middle East, Europe, Canada and the USA. Personally I have a natural interest in new tech and science and love seeing new developments in the fields of Digital engagement and E-commerce, IoT, Wireless, Cloud, Cyber Security, AI, Space and Genetics.

2its Recruitment provides consulting focused on assisting commercialize technology companies. Advisory services and placement services on building commercial sales, product, R&D and engineering teams as well as business operations. The company was established to leverage a strong partner and industry network in business and technology. The business has been recognized by BRW Magazine and SmartCompany as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

My advice however is;- Always approach any situation no matter how small it may seem on the surface with the same professionalism and attitude you would give to your dream opportunity, you never know who you are really speaking to and the power they have to change your circumstances.

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LinkedIn: Matthew Meszaros


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