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Matthew Lawie | Ghana | Assurance Of Light

Agro Ecologist | Regenerative Farmer | Climate Activist

| Permaculturist | Slowfoodist | Humanitarian | Creative Artist | Soccer Coach | Missioner

Hi my name is Matthew I have been developing a regenerative eco-village in Ghana for the past 4+ years. After several years of learning, volunteering, discovering and building on my abilities - I had a powerful realization that changed my life forever. I was very depressed seeing people getting sick everyday because of the environmental pollution - as a matter of fact, some end up dying because of lack of access to medical attention while others, poor medical attention. The use of toxic chemicals, waste and poor waste management, lack of access to tools and alternate knowledge, community breakdown, lack of harmony and peace, segregation, tribalism, climate change effects, and a whole lot of ugly situations.

I realized that my living situation, the problems of the community I live in, and the whole country of Ghana will not change unless we work to create the environment of change that brings a better outcome. That's why I started the Mattlawie Ecological Regenerative Center as a nonprofit, officially registered here in Ghana in 2017 - Mixing Eco-education with Play.

Our mission is to teach and empower peace, regenerative culture through community development. So far, we have donated over 400 seedlings to local schools, planted over 200 trees and have over 50 children in our community soccer program. I have been fortunate to learn permaculture from very skilled and generous teachers. I have had the good fortune to attend lots of seminars, training, workshops onsite and online, as well as humanitarian volunteering. I am very grateful to the many teachers and friends who have supported me financially as well as helping me grow my knowledge and skills. I am already sharing these gifts forward to my community and country, but I know there is much more to do. The Center needs room to grow in order to fulfill the potential we strive for, and though our current land has been a blessing, it is time to expand beyond!

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Few of my hurdles I faced or in my community are; holding to what they know and not willing to try the new that has been brought to them (One way of life), tribalism, financial difficulties, No access to land, envy and rage… If not that I had a strong will and that I was really called for this, I would have backed out.

What books are you currently reading?

The bible, spirit walk, permaculture designers manual, etc

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

No matter how dark and rough the beginning may seem, there is always an assurance of light in between or in the end. It’s all about doing the right thing and mixing it up with perseverance!

“A good plight for what is right gives delight” - Matthew aka Wis Tchr

We welcome any support we can get: financially, volunteering, supply donation etc

Social Media Handles: Facebook: @mattlawiecological Facebook: @fcmattlawie Instagram: @mattlawieecological WhatsApp: +233203011642


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