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Mapula Bodibe | Rwanda | Building Compelling Value Propositions

Chief Executive Officer at Rwanda Development Board | Rwanda Cabinet Member

Mapula Bodibe is a highly accomplished Telecommunications Executive and Chartered Marketing Leader with a remarkable career spanning 18 years in the telecommunications sector and more than 20 years in managing business units, commercial strategies, products and services, driving revenue growth, growing market share, and fostering long-lasting customer relationships. Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at MTN Rwanda, Mapula has been contributing to the progress of Rwanda by bringing leading digital solutions and connecting citizens to a bright digital future. Her role involves overseeing full-time operations and driving digital progress in Kigali City, Rwanda. Mapula holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration and Management, a postgraduate diploma in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in Economics, all from the University of South Africa. Her academic background complements her practical experience, making her a well-rounded leader in the telecommunications industry. Overall, Mapula Bodibe's story is one of continuous dedication to driving progress, connectivity, and digital inclusion through telecommunications, positively impacting the lives of customers across different African markets.

In her previous role as the Chief Consumer Officer for MTN South Africa, Mapula exhibited exemplary leadership from July 2019 to September 2022. With end-to-end accountability for the Consumer Business Unit, representing 80% of all customers and 75% of total revenue for MTN South Africa, she played a pivotal role in managing and executing the overall marketing strategy.

Her focus on building compelling value propositions, identifying growth opportunities, and fostering enduring relationships contributed significantly to the company's success. As the Consumer Business Unit Executive at MTN, Mapula was responsible for managing the organization's overall consumer strategy, including commercial and marketing functions aimed at driving business growth. This role allowed her to lead initiatives that increased market and value share, brand affinity, and salience among MTN's customers.

Mapula's impact extends beyond South Africa, as she also served as the Chief Marketing Officer for MTN Uganda from January 2015 to April 2017. Her responsibilities included defining and executing the organization's overall marketing strategy, building the brand, and driving market share growth and revenue through successful customer value propositions and marketing strategies.

With extensive experience in various leadership roles, including General Manager Consumer Marketing and Segment Manager Consumer Marketing at MTN South Africa, Mapula has consistently demonstrated her expertise in market research, business relationship management, customer experience, and strategic thinking. Her achievements in managing customer segments, developing customer value propositions, and executing successful marketing strategies have been instrumental in her successful career.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Mapula Bodibe

Instagram: @mapsbodibe


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