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Lucy Mutuku | Kenya | Be Your Own Cheerleader

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Youth Mentor & Activist | Civil Engineer | CEO - Embakasi Empowerment

My name is Lucy Mutuku. I was born and raised in Kenya, Africa. I am a civil engineer in my 4th year of university and a procurement officer (3rd year student) professionally. I am also an entrepreneur, author and a youth and change activist. One of the biggest challenges growing up that I faced was conceiving at the age of 17. This really cost me a lot - starting with rejection in my community and hatred from everyone including my own family.

This phase of my life led me into depression, not once or twice have I tried suicide. However, pursuing my university degree gave me a clear vision of whatever I wanted. One of the reasons being that I wanted to prove everyone wrong, that I am blessed and have an amazing future ahead of me. Therefore, I took charge of my life, reinvented my goals and I grabbed opportunities that came my way. That's how my journey began. My first journey was advocacy for good governance in Kenya through Public Service Governance. That's how I ended up being a change and youth activist. I am currently the founder of National Youth Caucus, Kenya which is a youth led organization that focuses on advocating youth empowerment in Kenya. I believe that we will spread to other countries in the next 5 years. I'm a recipient of the female youth leader of the year 2021 and the journey continues.

Some people might call me the voice of the youth and true to their words, I work hard to put Kenyan youths first and also see them succeed. You don't have to be great to change the world, but you can always do great things out of GREAT LOVE and that's how you create impact.

Your advice to upcoming youths or talents out there?

Sometimes we waste so much time lamenting and trying to justify things that happened instead of moving forward and focusing on what's important. I was a victim of this for so long until I learnt that you must be your own cheerleader and believe in yourself that you can absolutely become everything you've wanted to become in life. Sometimes barriers are meant to make you strong, to make you a fighter and for our youth out here, never compare your journey with someone else's journey as we're all different. It's okay to feel low but how you recollect yourself from the low point is what matters.

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