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Llewellyn Devereaux | South Africa | Electrifying Experiences

Visionary | Global Business Speaker | Hip Hop DJ

Best-Selling Author | Economist

Once upon a time in the vibrant world of business and innovation, there lived a visionary known far and wide as "Master Lui" - or as his friends called him, Llewellyn Devereaux. With a unique blend of talents including being a global business speaker, hip-hop DJ extraordinaire, and a bestselling author, Llewellyn was a force to be reckoned with. Armed with a solid background in Economics, Llewellyn emerged as the go-to expert on analyzing industry trends and understanding the intricate dance between economics and geopolitics. But his mission extended beyond mere analysis; he aimed to ignite sparks of growth and prosperity wherever he ventured. At the helm of The Genie Group, Llewellyn orchestrated a symphony of innovation and strategy, guiding companies and governments alike towards fresh and exhilarating paths of growth. His talks weren't just informative; they were electrifying experiences designed to invigorate minds and sow the seeds of progress.

But Llewellyn wasn't content with conventional success. In 2012, he embarked on a daring quest to tackle one of humanity's age-old woes: the hangover. Thus, Lohocla was born - the world's first premium anti-hangover shooter, turning nights of revelry into mornings of productivity. Its success catapulted Llewellyn into the limelight, earning him accolades as one of Africa's top entrepreneurs.

Fuelled by his passion for Africa's prosperity, Llewellyn didn't stop there. He founded Craft Club Africa, pioneered Fashion X Africa, and lent his expertise to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and the Africa Trade Chain. As a Brand South Africa ambassador, he championed initiatives to propel his beloved continent towards greater heights.

Through it all, Llewellyn remained a beacon of inspiration, a catalyst for change, and a tireless advocate for Africa's boundless potential. And as the world awaited his next move, one thing was certain: wherever Llewellyn Devereaux went, magic followed.

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