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Linda Reddy | South Africa & UK | Leading With Empathy

Global Nando’s Leader | Supply Chain Executive of the Year | Motivational Speaker

Championing Women Empowerment | Mentor | Procurement With Purpose

Meet Linda Reddy, the dynamic South African powerhouse steering Nando’s global supply chain from the heart of London. Her journey, marked by ambition, resilience, and a deep-seated passion for people and culture, reads like an epic tale of leadership and transformation. In her role, Linda oversees operations across 27 countries, ensuring that every Nando’s restaurant and grocery product reflects the rich, spicy heritage of Southern Africa. But her mission goes beyond logistics and profits. Linda is deeply committed to uplifting small farmers, promoting sustainable practices, and showcasing the vibrant culture of her homeland. Linda’s career began in the bustling markets of Durban, where she honed her skills in procurement and supply chain management. Her journey took her to Johannesburg, where she worked with industry giants, transforming operations and driving innovation. It was here that Linda’s knack for strategic thinking and her passion for ethical sourcing began to shine.

At Nando’s, Linda’s impact is nothing short of legendary. Under her leadership, customer satisfaction soared from 58% to an impressive 95%. She boosted EBITDA from $3.8M to $18M, revolutionizing the way Nando’s operates on a global scale. Her strategic initiatives, like outsourcing operational functions and consolidating suppliers, have saved millions and improved efficiency across the board. Linda’s climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro during the pandemic was a turning point. This daunting feat brought clarity to her vision and reinforced her commitment to empowering women in business. The climb symbolized overcoming personal insecurities and fears, turning them into resilience and wisdom.

Linda’s advocacy extends beyond the boardroom. She is a staunch supporter of women in business, pushing for their empowerment and leadership. Her efforts in strategic procurement are not just about cutting costs but about making conscious, purposeful choices that benefit communities and the environment.

Linda’s story is one of inspiration and dedication. She leads with empathy, motivating her teams to excel and be exceptional leaders themselves. Her appreciation for Nando’s shareholders and executive team is evident, as she continues to grow and nurture her career with their support.

From her days at FirstRand, where she launched major IT implementations and earned the title of the most innovative bank in the world, to her role at Nando’s, Linda has always been at the forefront of innovation. Her initiatives have not only driven revenue and efficiency but have also set new standards in ethical sourcing and sustainability.

At Nando’s, Linda is more than just a leader; she’s a brand ambassador, spreading the love for their values and the meaningful difference they make. Whether it’s through motivational talks or strategic initiatives, Linda’s impact is felt by customers, suppliers, and employees alike.

Linda’s dedication to growth and self-improvement is rooted in the wisdom shared by leaders, friends, family, and spiritual influences. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, authenticity, and continuous learning.

In the bustling city of London, with the fiery spirit of Southern Africa in her heart, Linda Reddy continues to blaze trails, making a lasting impact on the global stage. Her story is one of passion, purpose, and the transformative power of leadership.

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