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Liesa Euton | Dubai | Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Updated: Jul 7

Global Motivational Speaker | Presenter | Corporate Trainer | Board of Directors

Director EHP International - MENA / Caribbean Region

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of New York, a young woman named Liesa Euton began a journey that would take her across continents and through a myriad of professional landscapes. With roots tracing back to the vibrant Dutch and French Antilles, Liesa's story is one of resilience, innovation, and leadership. Liesa's professional path began in the realm of hospitality. Armed with degrees in Psychology and Hospitality Management, she stepped into the role of General Manager at The Sea Palace Resort, a position she held for an impressive 17 years. During this time, she also led the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association as its President, contributing significantly to the creation of Timeshare Law. Her influence extended beyond hospitality as she served on numerous boards and participated in initiatives aimed at economic stimulation, including pre-approving soft loans for the European Union. Liesa also became a familiar voice on the radio with "The People’s Voice" and a TV personality on "Best Bites of the Caribbean."

Like all great stories, Liesa's journey was not without its challenges. Starting her career at just 25 in a male-dominated industry, she faced barriers related to her age and experience. However, her determination, intelligence, and willingness to work hard allowed her to rise through the ranks with respect and admiration. "I showed up on time, followed through, and did the work with a smile," Liesa shared, highlighting her work ethic and positive attitude as key factors in her success.

Liesa believes in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. She emphasizes the importance of defining a clear vision and empowering employees to take ownership of their work. By providing the necessary tools, training, and a supportive environment, Liesa has created a space where creativity and growth flourish.

In the face of global competition, Liesa's company, EHP International Ltd., has adapted by understanding its target audience and tailoring offerings to meet their needs. Innovation and quality assurance are central to maintaining a competitive edge, and customized training solutions are at the heart of their strategy. Customer feedback is a cornerstone of EHP International Ltd.'s approach. Liesa values the insights gained from client feedback, using it to identify areas for improvement and enhance services. By actively seeking and responding to feedback, the company stays ahead of the competition and continually improves its offerings.

Liesa is committed to corporate responsibility and ethical business practices. From promoting equality and diversity to operating transparently, EHP International Ltd. builds trust and credibility with its clients, mitigates risks, and fosters long-term relationships. Today, EHP International Ltd. designs and delivers customized training solutions across various industries, focusing on enhancing competitive advantage through the development of people. Their interactive and participative training methods ensure a fun learning environment, making a lasting impact on participants.

Liesa's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: "Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find a mentor, listen to advice, and stay positive. Focus on the prize, and if you fail, course correct, learn, and move on." And so, Liesa Euton's story continues, inspiring countless others with her unwavering dedication and passion for excellence.

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