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Lexie Phillips | USA | Whiskey Making & Breaking Barriers

Assistant Distiller @ Jack Daniel Distillery | Collaborator

Lexie Phillips, the trailblazing assistant distiller at the iconic Jack Daniel Distillery, is rewriting history with each sip of whiskey. Hired in 2020, Lexie has seamlessly blended her agricultural science degree from Middle Tennessee State University with her familial ties to Lynchburg and the Jack Daniel legacy. In her role, Lexie collaborates with Master Distiller Chris Fletcher, contributing her extensive knowledge of distillery history to innovate and elevate whiskey production. As a brand ambassador, she traverses the globe, conducting tasting events and distillery tours, offering a glimpse into the magic behind each bottle. Lexie's journey began in quality control and distillery operations at Jack Daniel's, where her mechanical prowess and passion for whiskey-making propelled her from part-time work to the historic role of assistant distiller. As one of the few women distillery operators, Lexie is on a mission to inspire more females to enter the field. With deep roots in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Lexie's family, including her husband Josh, shares a collective history of over 20 family members working at Jack Daniel's. Their home in Estill Springs is a haven for six dogs and cats, two of whom bear the name "Jack."

March 2022 marked Lexie's one-year anniversary as Jack Daniel's first female assistant distiller. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Lexie embraced innovation, contributing to the launch of Jack Daniel's 10-year-old Tennessee Whiskey—the brand's first age-statement label since Prohibition.

Her role extends beyond the stillhouse, involving leadership, VIP tours, and participation in the Innovation Council. Lexie's collaboration with Chris Fletcher extends to the selection of barrels for the single barrel lineup and overseeing barrel selections for customers, embodying her commitment to transparency in whiskey-making.

Lexie unveils the mysteries of Jack Daniel's distillery, emphasizing the collective effort of over 600 employees. Despite the perception of a male-dominated industry, Lexie emphasizes the growing presence of women in various roles, from quality control to engineering.

Lexie's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for women aspiring to make their mark in the whiskey business. Her influence extends to fostering diversity within the industry, encouraging more women to pursue careers in STEM fields critical to whiskey production. Lexie envisions a future where women contribute across various facets of the industry, from distilling to marketing.

As Lexie commemorates her one-year milestone, she reflects on the highs and lows, celebrating the resilience of the team at Jack Daniel's. Her passion for the process, coupled with a patient approach to the whiskey-making timeline, underscores the dedication required in the industry.

Lexie's commitment to collaboration, diversity, and preserving Jack Daniel's legacy positions her as a leader shaping the future of whiskey. As the first woman to ascend to such heights in the distillery's 155-year history, Lexie Phillips is not only making whiskey—she's making history, one exceptional bottle at a time.

Cheers to Lexie Phillips, a visionary in the world of whiskey! 

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Lexie Amacher-Phillips

Instagram: @whiskey_woman_7


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