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Lauren Good Day | USA | Cultural Authenticity

Native American Cultural Artist & Designer - Beadwork, Quillwork, Ledger Art

Graphic Designer | Fashion Designer

Lauren Good Day, known as "Good Day Woman," is a distinguished fashion designer and multi-award-winning artist of Arikara, Hidatsa, Blackfeet, and Plains Cree heritage. Her creative journey has garnered recognition at esteemed Native American art shows worldwide, including the Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Guild Museum Market, Autry American Indian Arts Marketplace, Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market, Cherokee Indian Market, Red Earth Fine Arts Festival, and the Northern Plains Indian Art Show. Born into the Three Affiliated Tribes of Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara, Lauren's artistic talents bloomed from a young age. With a profound dedication to preserving Indigenous arts and culture, she embarked on a mission to revitalize traditional skills while pioneering innovative approaches in art and design communities.

Lauren's repertoire spans a diverse range of mediums, from beadwork and Tribal regalia to quillwork, ledger drawings, rawhide parfleche, and fashion design. Her commitment to excellence has earned her numerous accolades, including multiple First Place prizes in Tribal Arts, Traditional Arts, Cultural Arts, Diverse Arts, Beadwork, Drawings, Textiles, and the prestigious Best of Tribal Arts award.

Her artistic prowess extends beyond the canvas, as her creations grace public and private collections worldwide, including renowned institutions like the National Museum of American Indian, the Heard Museum, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, the Plains Indian Museum, and the Red Cloud Heritage Center.

Driven by a passion for cultural preservation and community engagement, Lauren actively participates in language and culture revitalization efforts, cultural celebrations, powwows, and tribal ceremonial activities. As a devoted mother and custodian of her tribe's heritage, she endeavors to pass down ancestral wisdom and artistic traditions to future generations.

In her quest to bridge cultural divides and reach wider audiences, Lauren embarked on a transformative journey to blend traditional artistry with contemporary fashion. Recognizing a gap between her artistic vision and audience, she ventured into ready-to-wear fashion, introducing her signature style to a broader demographic.

While expanding her business, Lauren remains steadfast in her commitment to cultural authenticity, ensuring that her creations uphold the sacredness of Indigenous traditions. Mindful of cultural sensitivities, she refrains from commercializing sacred items and maintains reverence for cultural heritage.

Residing in the rolling hills of North Dakota, Lauren draws inspiration from her ancestral homelands, infusing her creations with the spirit of her people's heritage. Her work serves as a testament to the resilience, creativity, and enduring beauty of Indigenous art and culture. Lauren Good Day's journey as an Indigenous artist-designer is a testament to her unwavering dedication to empowering Indigenous art and tradition.

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Instagram: @laurengoodday

LinkedIn: Lauren Good Day


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