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LaQuan Smith | USA | Boundary-Pushing & Bold Leap

Fashion Designer - Fashion Illustration & Luxury Brand Development

LaQuan Smith's rise to prominence is a story of perseverance and creativity, rooted in his deep connection to his craft and upbringing in Queens, New York. From a young age, Smith found solace and inspiration in the art of design, honing his skills with the guidance of his grandmother, who instilled in him a love for sewing and pattern making. This early mentorship laid the foundation for Smith's future success, fueling his ambition to carve out a niche in the fiercely competitive world of fashion.

Despite facing rejection from prestigious fashion institutions like the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design, Smith refused to be deterred. Instead, he charted his own path, seizing opportunities wherever he could find them. His tenacity led him to intern at BlackBook magazine, where he immersed himself in the world of celebrity fashion and cultivated valuable connections.

In 2008, Smith took a bold leap and launched his eponymous brand, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. His debut at New York Fashion Week in 2010, with the 'Water Goddess' show, was a pivotal moment that catapulted him into the spotlight.

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources ranging from Marie Antoinette to contemporary pop culture icons, Smith's collections captivated audiences with their audacious style and meticulous craftsmanship. Over the years, Smith's brand has evolved and expanded, earning accolades from industry insiders and celebrities alike.

His designs, characterized by figure-hugging silhouettes, daring cut-outs, and luxurious fabrics, have become synonymous with modern glamour. Beyond the runway, Smith's collaborations with global brands like Heineken, Tidal, Samsung, and Verizon have showcased his versatility and creative vision.

Today, LaQuan Smith stands at the forefront of luxury fashion, celebrated for his boundary-pushing designs and entrepreneurial spirit. From his headquarters in Long Island City, he continues to push the boundaries of creativity, inspiring a new generation of designers and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @laquan_smith


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