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Kelise Williams | Canada | Meaningful Impact

Immigration Tech Innovator | Founder of UpRow | Speaker

Empowering Businesses to Empower Newcomers in Canada

n the bustling world of tech innovation, Kelise Williams stands out as a dynamic force of change and empowerment. As the founder of UpRow, Kelise is revolutionizing the immigration industry with a groundbreaking virtual marketplace and social media platform that connects immigrants with vital services such as consultants, lawyers, schools, and career coaches. Her visionary approach is reshaping how newcomers integrate into Canadian society, and her impact extends far beyond individual lives, bolstering the Canadian economy and aiding businesses in reaching a targeted audience. Kelise’s journey began over a decade ago in tech sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing. With a knack for driving revenue and growth, her innovative strategies have earned her accolades, including being named among the top 20 startups in Edmonton at the Startup TNT Investment Summit and winning the BIPOC Women in Tech Pitch Competition. Her role as a featured speaker at the Caribbean Tech Summit 2023 further cements her status as a thought leader.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial path with UpRow, Kelise worked as a polygraph examiner in the security industry. This role honed her skills in relationship management, customer psychology, and conflict resolution. Her entrepreneurial spark first ignited with the successful launch of an e-commerce store, where she mastered branding, digital marketing, and e-commerce strategy.

Kelise’s academic credentials, including a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management, complement her professional journey. She is a sought-after speaker and mentor, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders with her insights and experiences. Her relentless drive to push boundaries and innovate to solve real-world problems serves as a beacon of inspiration to all who work with her.

Under Kelise’s leadership, UpRow is more than a business; it is a mission-driven venture aimed at creating a supportive ecosystem for immigrants. By facilitating seamless connections with various service providers, UpRow addresses the diverse needs of newcomers, ensuring they have the resources to succeed in their new home. Kelise’s commitment to anti-fraud measures further enhances the platform’s credibility and trust.

Kelise’s influence extends to the business community in Canada through UpRow’s B2B model, which fosters collaboration with government agencies, educational institutions, legal firms, and local businesses. This collaboration not only aids newcomers but also enhances the services offered by Canadian businesses, making them more attuned to the needs of a niche market.

As a thought leader, Kelise actively shares her knowledge at conferences, through industry publications, and in meaningful conversations about the future of immigration technology. Her mission is to inspire others to think creatively and act strategically to address the complex challenges faced by immigrants worldwide.

Kelise also recognizes the importance of investor engagement in driving innovation. She actively seeks out investors who share her vision and are committed to supporting groundbreaking immigration tech solutions. Through strategic partnerships, she aims to create a positive impact on the lives of newcomers and contribute to a more inclusive global community.

From her roles at the Centre for Newcomers to her work as a document controller, quality coordinator, and polygraph examiner, Kelise’s diverse experiences have equipped her with a unique perspective and a robust skill set. Each step in her career has been a building block leading to her current role as a trailblazer in immigration technology.

Kelise Williams’ story is one of passion, innovation, and a relentless drive to empower others. Her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit continue to inspire those around her, making her a true visionary in her field. Whether speaking at global summits or mentoring the next generation of leaders, Kelise remains dedicated to making a meaningful impact and driving forward the future of immigration tech.

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