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Kasey Bayne | Canada | Inspire, Empower, & Lead

Fractional CMO & HubSpot RevOps Specialist | SaaS & Tech Growth Leader | Co-Founder

Once upon a time in the bustling world of tech and SaaS companies, there was a dynamic force named Kasey Bayne. With a blend of passion, expertise, and an eye for metrics, Kasey emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of marketing and sales strategy. From her early days as a Director of Marketing, where she honed her skills in strategic planning and marketing automation, to her current role as a Fractional CMO & HubSpot RevOps Specialist, Kasey's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Armed with a BBA in Marketing & Economics and fueled by a love for approachable marketing, Kasey embarked on a mission to empower businesses through growth and metrics. With her firm KB Consulting, she became a beacon of guidance for tech startups, small businesses, and professional service companies alike. But Kasey's impact extended far beyond her consulting work. As an instructor at BrainStation, she shared her wisdom with the next generation of digital marketers, shaping minds and inspiring futures. Her role as a Lead Instructor in Digital Marketing allowed her to impart invaluable skills, from branding to search marketing, leaving a lasting impression on her students.

Yet, Kasey's journey didn't stop there. As a Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Boreal Information Systems, she ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, building apps and solutions that redefined security standards. Throughout her illustrious career, Kasey embraced innovation and collaboration, forging partnerships and speaking engagements that propelled her industry forward. From FreshBooks to Olark, her contributions left an indelible mark on every organization she touched.

But perhaps Kasey's greatest strength lies in her belief that people do business with people. Beyond the numbers and metrics, she understood the importance of genuine connections, of getting to know her customers beyond the transaction. As she looks to the future, Kasey remains committed to her mission: to help companies thrive through a blend of growth strategies and technological innovation. With each new venture, she continues to inspire, empower, and lead the way towards a brighter tomorrow.

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