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Karley Mettle Tutu | Ghana | Refining & Honing Your Skills

Director | Voice Over Consultant | Master of Ceremonies | Advocate

Conference Moderator | Media Personality

Karley Mettle Tutu's journey from a shy and reserved young woman to a powerhouse in the world of public speaking and events hosting is nothing short of inspiring. Despite her initial shyness, Karley discovered her inner courage and determination to pursue her dreams with unwavering faith. Even when her path seemed diverted towards banking instead of journalism, Karley held onto her dream of becoming a media personality. She honed her skills in public speaking through various opportunities, including debating, singing, and even kiddie radio news reading. Karley's defining moment came when she decided to pursue public speaking as a side hustle while working in the bank. With the encouragement of her pastor and a chance encounter with the curator of Tedx Accra, Leslie Addae, Karley's journey took a transformative turn. She went on to host major Tedx events and branded herself as "Ghana's Female Corporate Emcee."

Through dedication and branding efforts, Karley became a sought-after events host, working with prestigious brands and organizations. Despite facing challenges and setbacks along the way, including personal losses and disappointments, Karley's resilience only strengthened her resolve to succeed.

Subsequently, Karley's career soared to new heights as she became one of the most sought-after event hosts in her region. Over the span of 7 years, despite two years of partial work due to family commitments, she successfully hosted over 300 events, leaving a lasting impression on audiences far and wide.

During this prolific period, Karley had the privilege of collaborating with some of the biggest brands across various industries. Her professionalism and charisma caught the attention of renowned names such as Volkswagen, USAID, Touton Cocoa (France), GoG, CBG, Petra, London School of PR, IFED Global, MTN, HR Certification Centre, Marriot Hotels, The African Regent, Gold Statement, AfraK Fashion School, and many others.

Karley's ability to engage and captivate audiences, coupled with her impeccable organizational skills, made her the go-to choice for prestigious events hosted by these esteemed brands. Her portfolio boasted a diverse range of engagements, from corporate conferences to high-profile launches and everything in between.

Each event presented Karley with a unique opportunity to showcase her talent and leave a lasting impact on both clients and attendees. Her professionalism, coupled with her warm demeanor and exceptional communication skills, earned her a stellar reputation in the industry.

Through her collaborations with these prominent brands, Karley continued to elevate her craft and expand her network, solidifying her position as a powerhouse in the world of events hosting and public speaking. Her dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to her craft served as a testament to her remarkable journey from a shy young woman to a dynamic and influential professional.

Social Media Handles:

@KarleyMettle on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Threads and Twitter


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