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Kalsoume Sinare-Baffoe | Ghana | The Bright Side

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Humanitarian | Actress | Entrepreneur | Mentor

In our society people are afraid of being judged for their differences, irregularities, and flaws. One of my favourite parts of my career is meeting other like - minded people. There is nothing more incredible than meeting charismatic people who are driven towards the same purpose of creating something special.

My name is Kalsoume Sinare-Baffoe. I am a Ghanaian pioneer actress and a former model. I am a product of South Labadi Experimental School, St Michael’s International School (owned by the late Mr. Michael Nkrumah - RIP) and Accra High School. I have featured in over 40 films, including Babina, Trinity, and Sala, for which I received a Golden Actress award (in Ghana): for Drama category. I also represented Ghana at the 1990 Miss Model of the World Pageant. I made my acting debut in the stage production Theatre Mirrors, then began my film career in 1993 in Out of Sight. I became "immensely popular" in Ghana after I played the lead role in Babina, a religiously - themed horror film. My role in the 2010 film Trinity earned a Zulu African Film Academy Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actress as well as a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Ghana Movie Awards.

Aside from acting, I am also a small business owner (entrepreneur). I am blessed to have a business that generates income like my South-Labadi based salon, Farikals, where a good number of celebrities patronise. That is a salon I have been running for about 21 years, so it goes way back and still doing very well. I am glad to say I did not allow limitations to cripple my desire to pursue a college or university degree. I recently received my 1st degree from The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). I was part of the 21st Congregation of GIMPA 2021, I studied Public Service & Governance: (awarded a second class upper honors certificate).

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Back in the day, people had to combine acting with other jobs but now you can survive on acting alone – re: by showing some grit, hard work attitude, never giving up attitude and passion. My hurdle in the beginning was probably, finding balance between work and family.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? My advice to the youth – stay humble. Acting is a career where there is always room for improvement. Learning never stops. The value of reading a book, attending a class, seeing a show, or even observing people in the street is an endless gift. Even the most successful actors and actresses still hone their craft through attending theatre, seeing films, and reading scripts.

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