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Juliet Opuni – Frimpong | Ghana | Determined Dynamo

CEO/Owner @swam_products | Director @highspot_solutions

Managing Partner @thefirststep_school

Meet Juliet, a distinguished graduate of the University of Leicester (UK) with a master’s in Business Administration (Public Finance Elective), holds a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute (UK). She also earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon, and obtained a Project Management Professional Preparatory Certificate from GIMPA. Born on June 13th, 1988, into a humble family in Obuasi, a small mining town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Juliet faced early challenges with the loss of her parents and siblings. Undeterred, she pursued education at Achimota School after completing primary and basic education in Obuasi.

Juliet's professional journey began at Cargill Ghana Ltd (2011-2013), where she served as a Customer Development Officer, showcasing her skills in sales, marketing, and customer retention for tilapia feed in the Volta Region. She later joined TF Premio Commodities Ltd (2013-2015) as the Business Development Manager, focusing on trade exports of agricultural products to European and American markets. Her career reached its zenith at AMP Logistics Company Ltd. (2015-2021), where Juliet, as the Operations Director, demonstrated remarkable leadership by expanding the company's fleet and overseeing its recognition as the Best Logistics Company in the cocoa industry at the Ghana Cocoa Awards in 2019 and 2020.

Juliet's impactful initiatives included the export of cocoa shells to Europe, the evacuation of large volumes of cocoa beans, and the establishment of an ultra-modern container terminal within the freezones enclave, showcasing her innovation and strategic prowess. In 2021, she took a break from AMP Logistics, subsequently founding Highspot Solutions in the same year. As the sole overseer of daily operations, she led the company to secure significant contracts in building and construction, building maintenance, and the export of agro products and commodities.

Juliet's commitment to excellence is evident in her successful management of Highspot Solutions. She secured an import contract with SSNIT for Kyocera Printer toners and spearheaded housing projects, demonstrating her versatility and business acumen. Apart from her role at Highspot Solutions, Juliet also serves as a Managing Partner for May & Lotte International, an agribusiness enterprise. She is known for her exceptional leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to employee comfort.

Her life's motivation stems from family, resilience against life's challenges, and the pursuit of making her departed loved ones proud. Juliet's story is one of triumph, determination, and continuous growth, emphasizing the importance of setting priorities, taking control of one's life, and embracing healthy competition. Today, she is blessed with a supportive husband and an adorable son, bringing joy and fulfillment to her personal journey.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @mk_frimps and @highspot_solutions


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