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Jordann Dwayne | Texas | Optimistic Breed

Songwriter | Musician | Content Creator | Independent Jeweler | Entrepreneur

Rhythmic words flow together as I deliver my uplifting music to the masses. Blurring the lines of genre, I am blending the elements of sound, dabbling in everything from hip-hop and rap to pop and punk. I am a versatile artist with a unique vibe, I am known for my deep lyrical content and heavy rock-inspired riffs. My original style is attracting audiences with catchy hooks and soothing vocals. Highly relatable, my lyrics give listeners something to contemplate as they are guided through new perspectives and intriguing melodies.

Born in 1993, I was raised by a single mom in my hometown of Houston, Texas. My love for music began when I was a toddler. After singing in the church choir as a child, I knew I could never leave music alone. Obsessed, I was determined to make it a career. Joining the middle school and high school band, music kept me out of trouble, and, as a young teen, I started writing songs of my own. I made the drumline in my junior year and began experimenting off-and-on with guitar classes. Multi-talented, I do play several instruments, including the clarinet, percussion, and piano. Studying media tech for ProTools, I obtained my certification in 2013 and graduated with an impressive GPA. By my early twenties, I settled into my profession by launching my breakout project, #ASCORPIONINTHEROSES, which totaled over 100k streams on various platforms.

Within a year, my debut album, HUSTLECONOMICS, dropped, opening many doors including a nationwide tour and a sit-down with Atlantic Records. In 2021, I completed my online degree program at Harvard Business School, bringing greater knowledge to my entrepreneurial ventures. Owner of Imperial Panache Inc., people might say I am a true entrepreneur with a successful luxury goods and custom jewelry company. I do continue to work in theatre, audio engineering, and charity functions through my business. With an active performing schedule, I do appear or show up at numerous venues, festivals, and other private events all around the United States. I am blessed to travel and receive invites to major entertainment events like the Soul Train Awards, Grammy Awards, and BET Awards. A gifted individual, I have diligently been working on creating a new sound in the hip-hop and rap community. I have also shared the studio with big names in the industry, while my popular videos have landed placements on MTV and VH1. I have grown as an artist and an individual, evolving to see the energy of those around me.

Focusing on myself and the music made me realize positive energy promotes creativity. Since then, it’s only been about raising the vibrational standard. My overwhelming positivity sets me apart from other artists and my encouraging influence is reaching listeners far and wide. Combining relatable themes with strong visual content allows my music to pulse with aesthetically pleasing results. My songs resonate with audiences long after the track has ended. I am carefully building an impressive catalog filled with timeless tracks that never gets old. An alternative artist, I am releasing a new version of hip-hop and rap, carefully woven with rock instrumentals and pop melodies. Always creating, I have plenty of fresh singles on the way. I am also taking stabs at a new EP, dropping more music videos, and booking live performances to be announced soon.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

First of all, I had to emphasize the importance of believing in myself and my work. I had to improve in my attitude, outlook, and skill set, and push forward even when it felt scary. Most entrepreneurs tend to make sleep a lower priority than getting work done. Even though I know that I will be more productive with adequate rest, I still don’t take enough breaks.

Some advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Remember that no growth comes without discomfort. Entrepreneurship involves believing in your dreams and taking a leap, but it’s also easy to start writing the story of how your life will go and how entrepreneurship played a role in this beautiful story. A true entrepreneur with passion brings more positivity into this world. Deliver happiness and remind everyone that anything is possible.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter| Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok - @JordannDwayne


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