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Jessica Smith | Canada | Reshaping Hiring Practices

Precision-Driven Engineering Recruitment + We Test Devs In House - Saving You Time, Money, and Headaches 💰📈🎯 Hire 30%-50% Faster | Savant Recruitment | Podcast Host - TAKEDOWN 🎙️ | Founder - CEO

In the bustling landscape of tech recruitment, there's one name that stands out like a beacon of innovation and efficiency: Jessica Smith, the founder and CEO of Savant Recruitment. With over a decade of experience in the field, Jessica has honed her skills navigating both agency and corporate realms, fostering a deep understanding of the market and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Recently recognized as one of The Peak's Emerging Leaders of 2024 in the People & Culture Leader's Circle, Jessica is on a mission to revolutionize the way companies attract talent. Her passion for reshaping hiring practices and fostering growth knows no bounds.

From sitting on panels discussing the disruptive impact of AI on engineering and people teams to releasing educational content for hiring managers and startups, Jessica's influence extends far beyond traditional recruitment. Savant Recruitment caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from startups to large corporations, offering tailored solutions to all their software engineering needs. What sets Savant Recruitment apart is their unique approach to talent acquisition. They not only connect organizations with top-tier talent but also offer in-house testing using CoderPad, ensuring that every candidate is thoroughly vetted. Furthermore, their partnership with Flow Ventures provides clients with access to substantial funding and SR&ED credits, empowering businesses to thrive in today's competitive market.

But Jessica's journey doesn't stop there. As the host of Takedown, a podcast that delves into the spiciest stories in tech, business, and recruiting, she offers listeners an unfiltered and raw perspective. From live calls with industry professionals to candid discussions on pressing topics, Takedown is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay informed and entertained.

With a knack for storytelling and a passion for data, Jessica is reshaping the recruitment landscape one success story at a time. Whether she's leading her team at Savant Recruitment or igniting insightful conversations on Takedown, Jessica's impact is undeniable. And as she sets her sights on global expansion, one thing is clear: the future of recruitment is brighter than ever, thanks to trailblazers like Jessica Smith.

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